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Sound Off: Does the bus system track the times, places and the amount of times the buses have no rid

Disclosure: I ride the bus frequently, and voted for the tax to support it.

I was surprised the tax passed (maybe from putting too much stock in the general consensus on this board), but was really surprised that afterwards that there wasn't a noticeable change I could see in ridership. People are willing to pay for something they don't have any intention of actually using. Weird.

I'm also frequently struck by how many people will never ride because they can't figure out a bus timetable, which ain't rocket science...oops, starting to drift into the bashing our educational system thread from earlier in the week.

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Sound Off: Does the bus system track the times, places and the amount of times the buses have no rid

The new Eco buses don't run routes that use Kentucky, so it was probably out of service heading for the bus depot. The #11 probably could run smaller buses over break, but during the semester they've had to make route adjustments due to overcrowding on that route.

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Should Kansas regents schools, including Kansas University, raise admission standards?

I went to HS in a state with two different tiers of public universities. There was a place for just about every HS graduate, but the lower your grades, the less picky you got to be about where your options were. We all knew the deal going in to HS, so no one felt too sorry for those who didn't work as hard in class if they didn't get their first choice. In such a system, the costs for the students are similar, so your economic status didn't affect your options, but your grades did. As a taxpayer now, the whole thing seems pretty fair to me. I don't care if the smartest KS students cluster at one regent school or another, but I do think we can do a better job of distributing students through the regent system, as some schools are setting record enrollments, while others have plenty of excess capacity.

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Statehouse Live: People rally at Capitol to protest Brownback policies

"I am more tolerant than 99% of liberals. Liberals are like terrorists." Wow, that IS pretty darned tolerant of you. An intolerant person would have said something nuts like "Liberals are terrorists", and left out the "like".

On a more serious note, flag poles and car tires? Is it because neither are listed in the 2nd amendment or something?

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In speech, Obama embraces 1967 Palestinian borders

Do we ethnically cleanse just the Muslims, or do we clear out the Christians too? Should the Israelis be responsible for making Bethlehem Christian-free, or should some other nation offer up some help?

The Right of Return CAN'T possibly be a functional option. Neither can expulsion.

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In speech, Obama embraces 1967 Palestinian borders

Yep, Hamas is a big problem. Can't really have a Palestinian state if there isn't one government calling the shots, so something has to give in the situation between Gaza and the West Bank, but...bringing Hamas into a power-sharing agreement makes a peace deal impossible.

Bush actually said "Achieving an agreement will require painful political concessions by both sides. While territory is an issue for both parties to decide, I believe that any peace agreement between them will require mutually agreed adjustments to the armistice lines of 1949 to reflect current realities and to ensure that the Palestinian state is viable and contiguous. I believe we need to look to the establishment of a Palestinian state and new international mechanisms, including compensation, to resolve the refugee issue."

Yes, Hamas doesn't want peace, but neither does Bibi.

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In speech, Obama embraces 1967 Palestinian borders

There was no radical shift in U.S. policy today. In fact, adding that mutually agreed land swaps to the 1967 line is a more recent US policy position than what used to be the case. 1967 has been mentioned in US policy (whether we mean it or not) since...1967. Obama's position is NO different than either of the Bushes or Clinton.

If Netanyahu is the wise adult in the room, the Israelis, Palestinians and Americans are all in a heap of trouble. Too bad Israel's military commanders don't share his assessment of Israeli security needs.

What's your solution Rockchalk? Annex the West Bank, and let everyone vote in the next Israeli election? Ethnically cleanse it first? Ignore it and hope it goes away?

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Endorsing sin

"God’s word does not change and neither do His righteous standards which define marriage as the union between a man and a woman." Whew! What a relief that God isn't siding with Holder on this one. So, as a Christian, nothing changes for me, at least in the realm I'm supposed to care more about (heavenly vs earthy). Got it.

"There is only one way to protect against sin and that is through the saving grace and truth found in Jesus Christ." Good, once again I'm relieved to learn that nothing has changed as far as God is concerned, Holder is not proposing any changes to the Good Book then?

"The decision to stop defending this law is a huge mistake which will lead to terminal cancer and the demise of a once great nation." Demise?!? Don't you dare tell Hannity that the US won't be the most awesomest country God ever created for ever and ever times infinity. So, American exceptionalism is entirely dependent on how gays are treated in the US? This LTE makes our exceptionalism AND God's omnipotence seem rather flimsy.

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National debt should alarm U.S. public

The U.S. House could show that they're at least going to pretend to be fiscally responsible by repealing Medicare Part D, an unfunded program passed by a Republican congress and signed by a Republican president. Boehner could then say "We're going to undo our piece of legislative garbage, now work with us on undoing some of yours." Lead by example.

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Arizona shooting targets U.S. congresswoman, kills 6

And yet, no one was shot after Medicare Part D was forced through Congress. Weird.

The only bad thing that should happen to a member of Congress in a representative democracy is not being re-elected to continue to represent their constituency (legal misdeeds not withstanding). Strange that she would have been re-elected if she's so out of touch with the will of her district's voters.

Rockchalk1977, there is NO EXCUSE for political violence against a duly elected representative, EVER.

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