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Kansas gun prosecutions ranked 3rd in nation

Kontum, First, I'd like to thank you for your service to our country.
I also returned in 1973, March 3rd. (some dates you can"t forget)
I respect you view and reasoning for not wanting to own firearms.
On the other hand, I went the other way, and feel I have earned the right to own a gun and protect my family should the situation ever arise.
Welcome home

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Man pleads no contest to assault

Surely not someone from Lawrence committing a crime!
Some will say he was from Topeka and just came to Lawrence to commit crimes?

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Lawrence man, 32, arrested on battery charge after domestic disturbance

Probably because it is a man from Lawrence, not Topeka.

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Bill would allow guns on campus

Not everyone wants to carry and they are not required to carry.
If I have been through the licencing process, background checked and trained, I should be able to carry any where I want.
Apparently, the US of A thought I was capable of carrying a firearm and making split second decisions, when I was 18 years old or they would not have sent me over there.
I certainly don't want to take a life, but if it comes to a decision of him or me. I'll be prepared to make that decision.

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Sound Off: Why is the stoplight at Sixth and Maine not on a sensor? I’ve sat southbound at the inter

If we can all just pause for a moment, and look at the safety and convience of it all.
Stop lights that stay red, allow for texting and make up application during the early morning rush hour. This makes it safer for the rest of us.

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What image of Kansas would you like to see on a national magazine cover?

The sign at the state line that says "Welcom to Kansas" reflected from a rear view mirror.

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Morgantown, home of KU’s new rival in the Big 12, a lot like Lawrence

WVU is still working on teaching the alphabet.
It's U V W , not W V U

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Morgantown, home of KU’s new rival in the Big 12, a lot like Lawrence

If you were to read the history of how the term redneck came about, you would find it started in WV

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Douglas County Commission offers $100,000 for South Lawrence Trafficway interchange

The only interchange they should be putting money towards is where it connects to K-10 east of Lawrence.

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What is your favorite hot beverage?

Hot Damn

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