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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Okay, clearly there are a few people on here that let their ignorance and sexism override their ability to read. You assume this woman is a "jersey chaser" and Collins is automatically innocent, because why? No charges have been filed? You apparently also don't know how the system works. It states she went to the police about it, just how else do you think the KBI would be investigating it? And just because you report to the police a sexual assault matter, that definitely doesn't mean that charges will be filed, the victim has NO SAY in that matter. ALSO the article states quite clearly that the reason no charges have been filed is because the DA is waiting for additional investigative work from the police, who are waiting on lab tests to be finished by the KBI. THESE MATTERS TAKE TIME!! A case can have a ton of evidence and it still takes a long ass time to get to court. AND for those of you that assume there is no evidence here, think about this- just what kind of lab tests do you think are possible in a sexual assault case....

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