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ISU coach Fred Hoiberg impressed by Elijah Johnson, says late no-call 'didn't go our way'

Hoiberg is classy. He was a great college player, and a decent role player in the NBA. And now is a darn fine coach. I always considered ISU one of the classier programs through the years, because of Hilton, their fans, and some of their entertaining coaches, like Johnny Orr. Fans rushing a coach and pelting players has the stench of Missouri "Antlers" written all over it. I hope the Cyclones fan base can pull it together, because Hoiberg is making them into something again. I was happy to see the departure of the classless Antlers and the Missouri fan base from the Big 12 and hope the Antler plague has not been contracted by the Cyclone faithful.

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An Iowa State fan is restrained by police after charging at Kansas head coach Bill Self after the Ja

What an idiot in charging after Self. He probably beats his poor wife too. The ISU loss was not because of Bill Self. The players won it. If he wanted to charge after anyone, it should have been the officials. They missed some calls, but that is sport...

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KU women fall to top-ranked Baylor, 82-60

Noticed she wasn't on the bench today, so now we know, Tania is gone. Wow, Bonnie can't seem to hold on to anyone in the program. Someone (hint, hint Sheahon Zenger) needs to be asking what in the heck is going on with the program? A lil bit of success last year does not mean Bonnieball has worked out well here...

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Two Lawrence teens heading to prison for summer burglaries

Merry Christmas pieces of crap. They are where they belong. And when their released, they will be back on the street commmitting crimes again. They will do the time, but not change...

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Letter: Deadly mix

Mom bought the guns...legally and with a background check, not at some gun show. If Mom would have locked the lil freak in an institution where he belongs AND where he could have received your so-called treatment, 27 people would be alive today. I am tired of the misnomer that every nut can some how be fixed by some treatment or therapy or drugs, and this includes parents who refuse to accept their children are flawed in a possibly fatal way.

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Letter: Deadly mix

Right on. We use to lock the mentally sick in asylums, where they belong, and then our government un-funded most of them. Where are the nuts now? Roaming downtown Lawrence and/or in their parents basement playing war games. As for the asylums, we now have a place for ghost hunters to set-up shop. This incident is more of the governments fault and a parent not admitting their child was too wierd to fix.

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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

Good riddance. The owner is a complete jerk and I wish him nothing but failure. Ate there several times a week years ago (the food, coffee, and wait staff were great), until one late morning during the week the owner asked me and a business associate to order food or leave (we were drinking coffee). I cannot believe he had the audacity to do this and he did it in a partially filled restaurant during the week...I would never table squat with people waiting as this is my biggest pet peeve. I went back after I cooled down and asked him to explain his actions and/or apologize; he refused and stated he could do what he wants...giant loser. I left after that and have never been back. I am glad to know of his new venture so I won't go there to eat. Wheatfield's gravy and french toast are the best.

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Bill Self troubled by accusations, but stands by ‘kids’

And the Department of "Justice"...

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All-Star Game cleanup efforts rankle some

Winner for best post of the day...

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

Trespassing...really. As usual, overkill by LPD and USD 497. Go catch some real criminals....

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