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Appeals court knocks down Montana law similar to Kansas' Second Amendment Protection Act

And, in Kansas at least, keeping only the promise made to the rich.

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Appeals court knocks down Montana law similar to Kansas' Second Amendment Protection Act

So you like the part of the Constitution about the right to keep and bear arms, but not the part about federal law taking precedence over state law?

Sorry – the Constitution is not a cafeteria.

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CVS stores requiring ID to buy nail polish remover in effort to combat meth

"Citizen1" fails to grasp an important distinction.

We should encourage voting. We're usually not in favor of more meth production.

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Regents propose keeping tuition flat next year if Legislature restores funds that were cut

The right wing extremists would rather have a whipping boy than a workable solution. They're absolutely unwilling to take responsibility for their own drastic cuts and the damage they've chosen to cause. Ideally they'd like to drive off competent educators to make room for ideological toadies who will work on the cheap, since no responsible institution would hire them. Wagle, Merrick et al. would much prefer a Liberty University model with fundie indoctrination the only available "education."

Education cuts cuts, in turn, are necessary to fund Dave and Charlie's tax windfalls, which ultimately provide the campaign contributions necessary to keep these clowns driving the legislative car. This closed system will remain in place until the results are bad enough to spur corrective action by voters who can think beyond nominal party affiliation.

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Opinion: Obama foreign policy ill-defined

Cal's problem is that he thinks everything can/should be reduced to a policy that fits on a bumper sticker. In fact if U.S. foreign policy were simple enough for Cal to understand we'd all be in trouble.

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Opinion: GOP in Congress at war with itself

It's tough for Lynn Jenkins et al. when they have to choose between bowing down to the plutocrats and sucking up to the theocrats.

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ALEC meeting draws Kansas legislators

"Wagle's spokeswoman Rodee said when Wagle considers potential legislation 'she considers input from all perspectives, including other legislators, constituents and coalition groups.'"

Then she ignores everything except what her big-dollar supporters dictate.

Kansas – home of the worst legislature money can buy.

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Opinion: Leadership lacking in U.S. foreign policy

More right wing lies, told endlessly to undermine the president and weaken America in the world.

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Editorial: Too poor?

In Kansas the Brownback plan is for a selective "rising tide" that lifts all yachts.

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Editorial: Too poor?

We're paying for it. We pay increased medical charges to make up for those who show up at the ER – the most expensive and inefficient way to provide health care. We're also paying for it by paying federal taxers that ail go to the states that have more sense and elect to participate in the program. Right now Kansans are paying plenty and getting nothing.

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