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Opinion: Who shut Johnny out of the parks?

He has that power because a majority in the House kowtow to the Tea Party extremists, the theocrats and the plutocrats. We can change it by electing reps more concerned with American jobs than with their own jobs.

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Paul Davis makes it official: He's running for governor

Right… third party candidates. Because that worked out so well for all of us in 2000.

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Editorial: Friends in need

No need to wait.


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Attorney General Schmidt's office declines to issue legal opinion on voter registration controversy

This is what you do when you know your positions can't pass the smell test – avoid engaging in the discussion (or repeat fact-free propaganda), then keep as many Kansans as possible away from the polls.

Public officials who make it harder to vote are unfit to serve in a representative government.

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Roberts, Jenkins remain opposed to military strike against Syria

Well, if nothing else it's refreshing to see Lynn Jenkins doing something this term besides (1) standing there as John Boehner's stage prop and (2) bothering people in her district with those annoying evening phone calls.

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Opinion: Official outlines state aquifer efforts

Seems like the go-to option in Brownbackistan is to wait for a "culture of…" something or other to develop instead of looking for an effective solution to here-and-now problems. The slow-moving bureaucratic approach described by the Kansas Water Office should get a real handle on the problem just about the time the aquifer gives out.

Sure, there are some responsible agricultural interests who are willing to make some effort for the benefit of the public. I doubt there are many willing to take any significant hit to the bottom line, and Sam & Co. sure won't do anything to enforce the public interest over private objections from that "multibillion-dollar economy."

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Letter: Distorting truth

Back in the Good Old Days Mr Simons, Sr. would have none of this theological use of the newspaper's letters section.

Some things really were better in the Good Old Days.

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

No "traffic calming circle"? Some locations have all the luck.

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Stegall won't be sworn in until January

Maybe we could undertake an "office remodeling" project like the one going on across the street. No one but Czar Brownback and his cronies are in a big hurry to see a Judge Stegall.

And oh, by the way, does anyone still believe that wasn't a railroaded confirmation process? It's now entirely reasonable to wonder whether the "Hard 50" issue wasn't a sham just to rush this sorry appointment through without serious public input.

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Opinion: Political candor? Only in your dreams

Reagan's dead, George. Get over it.

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