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Same Sex "Marriage" Is Biologically Impossible

This guy and all righties are just plain dumb. where in the bible does Jesus say hate and revoke human rights. If you agree with them you are kin to the KKK.

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New tax-cutting plan emerges; Brownback urges passage

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Koch gives Smithsonian $35M for new dinosaur hall

okay why? does a stupid man who does not accept evolution as truth pay for an exhibit on evolution, because he is dumb and has what is basically blood money to spend.

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Lawrence man, 33, cited for allegedly kicking puppy

These are the general characteristics of the sub species Homo Sapiens Rednecketus: no brain bigger than that of a rhino, votes republican, can not be educated, easily beaten in chess by a 8 year old neanderthal, does not know what words longer then 7 letters mean and did i say votes republican. :)

As always keep your minds sharp and your swords at the ready.

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Pedestrian taken to hospital following accident

What? Are you a Tea Partyer or a sane human being or what? Are you from Earth? Pleease explain.........

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