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City agrees to rename street for Fambrough

I don't remember there being much of an uproar when 15th street (which is how I still refer to it) got changed to Bob Billings Parkway. People figured out how to navigate the streets and read a map. It's not that big a deal, especially for such a short stretch of road.

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Morgantown, home of KU’s new rival in the Big 12, a lot like Lawrence

The statistics may be comparable, but Morgantown is nothing like Lawrence in terms of socio-economic status, cultural and entertainment possiblilities, or forward thinking attitudes. But the PRT is cool and the scenery is pretty.

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When it comes to getting parking tickets in Downtown Lawrence, sometimes you can be saved by the weather

That picture is 2 years old and it's still not Taunya Miller.

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New use envisioned for Masonic Temple downtown

That's the first thing I noticed too. A little b**chy sometimes, but not really mean.
Doug can finance his own business and doesn't need help from the City. Actually, maybe the City should ask for a loan from him and Fritzel both to keep things running.
Go Steve!

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KU women end season with 80-63 WNIT loss to Duquesne

Amen to that!

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Of the $18 million proposed to expand the Lawrence Public Library, how much of the money is actually

Then the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Lawrence Association and the City should pool together and pay the 4.3 million dollar portion of the total.

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Lynette Woodard honored


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Lynette Woodard honored


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Time out: Kansan Chely Wright becomes first openly gay country star

kd lang had already moved away from the country music genre by the time she came out publically. She also never lived in Nashville, which I'm sure is big factor. She'd stopped being played much by the country music stations when she came out against eating meat, which was a couple years before coming out as a lesbian.

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Lavender Ceremony to honor gay, bisexual graduates at KU

"Everyone goes to the same KU graduation, this is additional. There are LOTS of special ceremonies for many different groups, I really don't see the big deal."


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