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University Place Neighborhood cites concerns about proposed public transit hub

This is a terrible, terrible idea for the neighborhood. I think the whole "hub" idea is worthless anyway, but if the city/KU insists on having one, this proposed place is NOT ideal, or even acceptable. I hope it is reconsidered by the city commission.

June 20, 2016 at 10:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Update on reopening plans for Ladybird, Jefferson's, Biggs on Mass following fires; a guess on when Menards will open

The building of Menards and the SLT are 2 of the reasons I'm moving from the Indian Hills neighborhood.

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Douglas County same-sex couples celebrate; 'legally, lawfully married, spouses for life'

Finally! Such wonderful news! It's great to not be considered a second class citizen in my own State.

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Federal judge OKs Kansas same-sex marriage; stays order pending appeal

David Brown represents 2 couples challenging the State tax code.
I hope, but feel doubtful, that Schmidt will stop wasting taxpayer money defending a lost cause.

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Headquarters volunteer gives callers the gift of compassion

Nishon is awesome! Thank you and all the volunteers at Headquarters!

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Sound Off: Leading scorer

And she did it before there was a 3 point basket!

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Lawrence woman makes connection with Boston residents offering shelter after bombing

Way to go, Hallie! You're awesome!

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Did you attend Kansas University?

Yep, University of Kansas.

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KU's Spencer Museum remains closed after water leak; thousands of books damaged in art library

An amazing amount of work went into the clean up and moving of books (and water) by library and art museum staff and students and Facilities Operations. Hopefully much of the damaged collection can be salvaged. Kudos to everyone who worked there yesterday.

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Heard on the Hill: Old Watson Library elevator comes to a stop; KU unveils new website for its efficiency plan; alumnus creates comic book bio of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

It's been out of commission since Jan. 2010. It is greatly missed by people who work here(especially collection maintenance).

January 25, 2012 at 10:50 a.m. ( | suggest removal )