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The confusing speed limit situation on the eastern edge of Lawrence, and whether it is set to change

Chad, do you know anything about speed reduction on Iowa street between 23rd and 31st? That's designated as 45 mph, which I imagine was fine when there wasn't as much traffic, but now with all of the businesses, stoplights, and high volume of cars, it's nearly impossible to get up to 45, (nor should anyone try to drive that fast). I wonder if Mr. Cronin is aware of this?

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Associated new development could support Clinton Lake outdoor center financing, Douglas County Commission told

“You can say it’s not a theme park, but it is,” he said. “The state of Kansas is broken. It is willing to take our most pristine property and bastardize it.”

This is the whole truth in a nutshell. This area is used by people *because* it's underdeveloped and want to have an experience of being in nature. We've already destroyed the habitats of the wildlife around Lawrence with trafficways and over building, let's not let someone looking for profit come in and do more.

There's plenty in Lawrence that needs work--as mentioned--street repair, infrastructure, etc. The focus should be on our needs first, not some outside party's wants.

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Lawrence City Commission to receive proposal for outdoor recreation center at Clinton Lake

What a terrible idea! The reason I go to the Clinton Lake trails is to enjoy the bit of "nature" that's left in Lawrence. I suspect that's why many people enjoy what's already there without more polluting of the water and destroying trees and displacing wildlife even more than has already been done. I hope the city commission does not consider this proposal at all.

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Lawrence City Commission denies incentives for downtown condo project

This is very good news, especially for the neighborhood effected by this monstrosity. Thank you City Commissioners, Larsen, Herbert and Soden. It may mean that Schumm builds anyway, but he can pay for it himself.

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Kansas City firm purchases former site of Jayhawk Bookstore, redevelopment talk on its radar

Chik-Fil-A is, unfortunately, already on campus in the Underground. Other food options would be great. I'm sure whatever it is, this Axiom Equities will make buckets of money on their investment.

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Lawrence City Commission to review plans for another two-lane roundabout

There are so many streets in need of basic repair, yet the City commission and traffic engineers insist on needless projects like this one. Yes, that intersection needs something besides a four way stop, but it seems a traffic signal would make more sense.
Reducing lanes on Kasold is a ridiculous idea. What it needs is to be milled and repaved, like what is happening on Bob Billings pkwy.

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University Place Neighborhood cites concerns about proposed public transit hub

This is a terrible, terrible idea for the neighborhood. I think the whole "hub" idea is worthless anyway, but if the city/KU insists on having one, this proposed place is NOT ideal, or even acceptable. I hope it is reconsidered by the city commission.

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Update on reopening plans for Ladybird, Jefferson's, Biggs on Mass following fires; a guess on when Menards will open

The building of Menards and the SLT are 2 of the reasons I'm moving from the Indian Hills neighborhood.

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Douglas County same-sex couples celebrate; 'legally, lawfully married, spouses for life'

Finally! Such wonderful news! It's great to not be considered a second class citizen in my own State.

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Federal judge OKs Kansas same-sex marriage; stays order pending appeal

David Brown represents 2 couples challenging the State tax code.
I hope, but feel doubtful, that Schmidt will stop wasting taxpayer money defending a lost cause.

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