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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

"Staff Reports" sometimes indicates that numerous reporters and editors contributed to the report.

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Kansas City man arrested following pursuit and crash in southwest Lawrence

Thank you, Jenn! I'm glad you enjoy my reporting.

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Kansas City man arrested following pursuit and crash in southwest Lawrence

Thank you, Janis! I appreciate the kind words!

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Lawrence Police make quick work of carjacking investigation

Both the suspect and victim are men.

I'm not sure if the suspect lived in the building or was just running trying to avoid the officer.

The victim was still with police when the vehicle was found.

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Numerous accidents on Interstate 70 leave at least eight injured

Most of the issues were on bridges and other elevated surfaces.

KDOT crews have been out treating. No big issues on the turnpike since early this morning. Still a couple slide offs on K-10 in Johnson County.

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Amber Alert for Texas girl canceled Wednesday morning

This should say Interstate 35 instead of U.S. Highway 35.

Highway 35 runs between West Virginia and northern Indiana.

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Two injured in high speed crash through a Mass Street storefront

The call came in as 1029 Massachusetts Street, as that is who called it in. Officers arrived to find the crashed car in front of Strong's Antiques at 1025 Massachusetts Street.

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Lawrence chase ends in arrest in Kansas City, Mo.

Stephen, Operation 100 News has photos from the end of the pursuit if the Journal-World is interested.


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One person shot in Lawrence early Sunday

The Lawrence Journal-World is now reporting that the shooter has been charged with attempted second-degree murder.


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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

Lenexa Police have a Vietnam era M-113 APC, which even says "RESCUE VEHICLE" on the side of it. The department has owned the vehicle since the late 60's or early 70's. Officers restored it on their own time after its military service.

Photo from the early 80's

Photo from 2012, current paint job. On display at the Kansas Speedway

Johnson County has a Lenco BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) which is used by agencies throughout the county. (photo from 2008)

Shawnee Police have an older APC. I am unsure of the make/model but here is a photo of it on a scene from 2008.

My point being, police purchasing/using armored vehicles is nothing new. Higher crime rates of today just mean the vehicles are being used more often. As Lawrence Police mention, they plan on using their new truck for serving warrants, something which in days gone by was done in a much different fashion than it is today.

Better safe than sorry. Better to have one of these at your disposal instead of trying to hide behind the modular V8 of a Crown Victoria or the tiny "ballistic panels" that were an expensive option for inside the front doors of a 2006-newer Crown Victoria. An option which most departments chose not to purchase.

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