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Austria is giving 16-year-olds the power to vote in elections. Is 16 too young to vote?

Too young to vote? Yes in the US, no in most of the rest of the world. Sometimes I'd put the voting limit in the US at 40 or so and even then - ooopppppppssssssss! just saw blog about "amputated penis" gotto go see what happened there.

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What do you think is at stake in the 2008 election?

Absolutely nothing. We've built up too much downward momentum.

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Are you happy with your current cell phone provider?

Only AT&T has dead spots in Lawrence.Pathetic.

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Do you think children who are bullied should seek outside intervention or stand up for themselves?

There was a time when "stand up" would have been the only reasonable response but the times in which we live now seem to say to me discretion is the better part of valor and to wait 'til you can blow the bully away some night.

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Cigarette blight

Maybe this LTE writer could identify the store so the smokers could avoid it completely.

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Lawrence police introduce low-profile patrol car to help enforce traffic laws

Oh no. That doesn't look like a Police car.Who do they think they're kidding?Lose the blacked in grille, the oversize wheels and the "pusher" bumper along with about 10 antennas.

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Lawrence exits on Kansas Turnpike to feature roundabouts

OMG!'nuff said.

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GOP legacy

And once again I ask, "Were there not Democrats in a position of authority and power in Washington during this 'rape' of America?"Of course there were but the LTE writer (and a number of others) seem to forget this one small point!Now I dislike Bush, Cheney, Rove and the bunch of 'em as much as the next guy but let's be honest the Dems ain't done us no good for eight years either.

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GOP legacy

"Good letter." Except everybody seems to have forgotton there were a few Democrats around during the Republicans tenue in the White House. What were they doing? Oh yes, marching to the same tune.

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What is your favorite political movie?

Seven Days in Mayfollowed closely by Twilight's Last Gleaming

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