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Evolution returns

As an observer from the UK, may I just say that this issue is not about 'banning evolution' being taught anywhere. Students should understand the theory of evolution, but they must also be allowed to learn about other interpretations of the same evidence. Until the 1960's all talk of geological catastrophism was deeply frowned upon, yet now there is a mounting body of evidence for widespread geological catastrophe in the Earth Sciences. To limit students' exposure to just the ruling paradigm of the day - which could be overthrown in mere decades based upon better research - is tantamount to curbing academic freedom. It cannot be justified! There is an enormous and growing weight of evidence agreeing that the Holy Bible is wholly trustworthy from both both archaeological digs - and cosmogony studies. The secular agenda doesn't want to accept the claim that the Holy Bible (which alone is wholly authoritative) provides verbal, propositional revelation about the real world and its past history. Rejection only began in the 17th century with philosophers like Spinoza, and continued with Kant, Hegel etc. Yet a careful study shows that they were busy cutting off the branch they were sitting on. Nowadays, scientists like Stephen Hawking have to postulate multiple universes (a notion also encountered in ancient Judaism) just to avoid the conclusion that the cosmos was a set up job! The truth will out one day!

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