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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Quantrill's Raid is everywhere

Thank You for such a wonderful article, I would love to see more articles regarding local history from time to time. Fantastic reading! However, being a "One True Son" of Missouri, our Missouri history books tell us, the Quantrill "Black Flag" raid was in retaliation of the Jayhawker raid, "Burning of Osceola" Missouri, killing hundreds. The raid on Osceola, changed the makeup of Osceola, from a booming settlement of 3,000 people, to the town of a modest population of 900.

All of these articles are so wonderful and informing, I just love reading them. So here's one for you, if you've not already seen it.

So the next time you pass over "Kill Creek", you just might hear in the distant hills, the cry of William Clarke Quantrill,

"Raise The Black Flag And Ride Hard Boys, Our Cause Is Just And Our Enemies Many!"

Thanks Again for a awesome read!

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