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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

Well I do not drink Kool Aid - sorry - and if you want to know I do not drink - just water , ice tea , milk. You know pot is available to most high school age students - few bad apples who are able to supply - where they get their supply from - every city has a source to have dope imported into it - all who think pot should be legal or use for medical use - should get mentally evaluated - maybe committed even. Yes I am against any type of illegal drug usage - and people selling should be given a death sentence period. This would stop it period.
Using marijuana should be a felony crime - I guess alot of people would be in prison.
I am proud to be an American - and even more proud to NEVER use ANY types of drugs.
Does anyone today have any values or morals ?

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

In my view - any types of illegal drugs for medical use - is a lame excuse for using them. If Kansas Legislature Approves this - it will be a said day of the history of Kansas. Why cannot Kansas be like a leader to show other state's - how to do business against illegal drugs - not to follow as everyone else it. This is like be child or having child behavior.

In America today - we live in a tainted society - drugs ( people whom think they are OK use ) , crime - etc. I makes me ill how society is today.

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Bids for South Lawrence Trafficway come in low; work may begin by mid-October

Sounds like you have sour grapes to smash - I now a employee of Hamm's that was bragging he was going to be the Project Supt. - person in late 20's - early 30's that is still green and a project of this size - well I would not make a pronouncement of such - Wait until after the project is completed and ask Emery Sapp if they made money - depends on how companies do business , work ethics - knowledge of work , etc. I once worked wtih Hamm's on a project on K4 between Nortonville - Valley Falls in the 70's - cannot complain they did a upmost professional job - BUT they had older skilled supervisors that has experience and knew what they were doing - sorry just being honest.

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Bids for South Lawrence Trafficway come in low; work may begin by mid-October

In reference to JE Dunn - different contractors construct/build different types of work in commercial , municipal , DOT areas of work. I never heard of or seen JE Dunn bid or build a highway related project - maybe they have. Yes I have heard many positive comments about their work.
A construction company has to be on a State DOT approved bidder list , be able to bond the project they are bidding on ( based on net worth, assests, liabilities, etc. )
This happens through out the nation - out of state contractors bid and are low bidder on projects in other states. I guess this is call competitive bidding - or the free enterprise system in America. Today most of the construction work forces in management, supervisory in the field are NOT high school graduates - most has higher education degrees. Even alot of the field work forces , material suppliers are higher educated than high school.

On a closing note - I have talked to several life long residents of Lawrence - in their golden years - all state that most of the wetlands were farmed at one time - prior to the concept of the SLT project - most of the present wetlands are man made.

In time this project will be completed - all will enjoy the commute and then there will be another topic to express ones opinions about.

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Do you have a tattoo that you regret or have second thoughts about?

Yes Miss Kansas is very attractive - but it was very disrespectful to represent Kansas in this way - tattoo's - sad very sad - why cannot people just let their body be as God Almighty created ?

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Do you have a tattoo that you regret or have second thoughts about?

I wonder why society is like it is today - times do not change - the people do - tatoo's are foul a disgrace and disrespect to the human body and soul.

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Should Lawrence keep or repeal the ban on fireworks?

I am very educated - and not judgemental - I never knew pot stopped cancer from growning - and yes I know of a person whom was like punch drunk all the time due to their heavy pot use - I do not like drugs/doppers - period. Get a life - read a book or go run 5 miles for a high - if a person depends on a illegal substance for a high - they are lost wondering souls - like hollow inside - but the way parrothead8 - maybe you could comprehend if the pot did not burn up all your brain cells. Enjoy like - dream about the better life you would of had being drug free.

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Should Lawrence keep or repeal the ban on fireworks?

Why does everyone think pot/dope should be legalized ??? IT IS ILLEGAL - you ever look at a long term user of POT ??? Yes I think alcohol is bad also - where I work - there are several ex-pot users - cannot due to random drug testing or the employee will get fired - as for aclohol is tested for also - to be a drug user is a low form or humanity - period. It makes me almost ill - when people brag vent how they smoke pot - etc., like it is a life accomplishment - really it shows how ignorant they are.

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Letter: Legalized drugs

You know - anyone who thinks drugs are OK - they have a mental illness - look at what kind fo life they lead and the morals , respectability , vaules and self respect ? I myself think selling drugs should be a death pentaly offense this would save tax payers so much money - just to bury them. Very few today have values, self esteem -

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59 minors, several local businesses, cited for alcohol violations in state regulator's patrols in May

I wonder if everyone in other states took a hammer and hit their finger with it - does it mean here in Lawrence, KS should hit the finger with a hammer or everyone should smoke foul weed ? You know society has not changed - people have changed - marijuana is illegal - as drinking while driving , under the influence or under age drinking - it is law - and like I mentioned before - people who do such have a mental illness. Life is simple really - people make it hard - their choice.
Me I never have used - took any types of drugs - and damm proud of it. I went to a local popular bar-grill here in Lawrence - people there were bragging how the smoke weed , etc. - grown adults - hmmm - are they grown adults or do they have a mental illness ?

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