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Outdoor concert impresses visitors

Brett, Logan and everyone else involved in putting this on, thanks!Great work. I blogged my thoughts on it here: http://www.lawrence.com/blogs/makes_s...

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Nearly 40,000 turn out to commemorate win

40k on mass street and people think a few thousand wilco fans are going to cause trouble? ha! this is one reason i just love lawrence. there aren't many places where you could have so many people liquored up and not have serious damage and violence. way to stay classy!

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What others are saying about...

would love links to the stories these quotes came from.

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Concert by WILCO planned for mid-May in downtown Lawrence

holy cow. some of the comments on this thread have me really worried about growing old.

logan, best of luck w// the event.

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What do you think of the Wakarusa Festival?

i should restate my comment, the question is fine, the answers leave a lot to be desired.

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What do you think of the Wakarusa Festival?

dumbest poll question ever.

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Replay respect

Very cool. Congratulations!

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/redesign/2007/ -- 2007 LJWorld.com redesign

looks nice, jeff.
good work everyone.

and way to go w/ the quick response to some of the suggestions above. from what the comments were, it seems you fixed some of the things almost immediately (the order of real name and screename for example). that's some fast coding, i imagine.

classclown, i think there is no national/global section because they are sorting stories based on their topic (ie. politics, business, etc.) So under each section you'll have local and national/global stories. i could be wrong though.

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Brownback needs more funds than Huckabee to be competitive


i think i've said it somewhere on here (or maybe on the l.com blogs) but it seems to me that BBack can only be - realistically - running for VP. He has NO chance of winning. The machine just is not and will not be behind him to win. He can't win, at least it doesn't seem possible to me. But I see a role for him as a counter-balance to the less conservative candidates. Like Lieberman was used to moderate the Liberal Gore, Brownback could conservatize (is that a word?) the Moderate Guiliani or McCain.

(note: these labels above aren't to say that Guiliani or McCain are actually moderates, but they do appear to be so to the Far Right.)

So, BBack will stay in the race, but I think - if he's smart - he knows that he's really just going out to make a name for himself so he's not exactly a nobody when the ballot needs adjusting.

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Some proposals praised, others found lacking in scope

this isn't a very well-worded poll. the speech contained both good and bad ideas. they always do. it's the follow-through that's important.

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