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Veritas day of service

Nice! Well done Veritas!

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

Time to see if our prosecutor is going to finally do something to protect cyclists....

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Kansas revenue department refuses Journal-World's request for information about tax reform group

Governor Sebelius undertook all her transition planning in secret and refused to disclose it; she was increasingly defundung the Kansas Arts Commission while in office, and destroyed records subject of a criminal prosecution. Imagine what we would know if someone reviewed her record critically?

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North Lawrence boardwalk proposal picks up steam

Classic bait-and-switch. Wait for the pretty pictures of brick buildings with happy couples waling along a tree-lined boardwalk, then see the new bar district with a dozen new liquor licenses and nightclub patios that hang over the levee with the butts covering the ground. How often do we fall for the "it will be just like this" only to have more empty lots and boxes? I.e. the new urbanism of 6th & Wak, the Macado (or whatevah), and every other proposed development. May be ok in theory - will be much different in practice.

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Organizational void

Unfortunately the Opinion is just plain wrong. Read the NEA's letter and take a look at what the "non-Brownback" KAC did while it was fully staffed, namely everything possible to prevent a "Brownback" KAC from succeeding, and then all quitting with self-righteous indignation. Why is no one questioning the earlier KAC's actions to harm the arts in Kansas for political gain? Does everyone hate Brownback so much that they are willing to harm the arts they equally profess to love? Unless your name is Kathleen, Mark, Sam or one of the prior KAC Commissioners, you did not create this situation, so get over it and let's make it work. Or you can keep complaining about how no one else does anything right...whatever.

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Library director Bruce Flanders retires, effective immediately

Three cheers for Bruce who led the library to broader horizons and greater services, all while balancing the budget and a, er, historic building. Well done!

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Lawrence school district plans to offer boost in teacher compensation

True for all, my brother. But you realize that the more you are paid, the more demands that will be made of you, especially where people believe they are paying you through their taxes? Keep hanging in there and remember it is the kids who make it worthwhile, not their buggar parents, and that you did not enter the field for the money.

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Lawrence school district plans to offer boost in teacher compensation

Actually, the weekend began as a single day religious event, and then expanded into an additional half-day or full day under the labor movement which had concerns over health and safety but also concerns that too much working would reduce the need for employees. But you did not really want to know that, you only wanted to throw a little slogan out to undermine the fact that the economy stinks and increased wages and stipends are not timely. If the union passed on prior raises for future promises, conditions change, and they need to address it in the future.

But, speaking of (non)pithy statements, since employers began providing health insurance to circumvent the relative freezing of wages in the world war, if you have health insurance through work, have you thanked a war lately? ;)

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Lawrence school district plans to offer boost in teacher compensation

Are you kidding me? How many people are in need of a job, and the union is demanding a raise!! Nine percent unemployment, no raises for any government employees, people feeling fortunate to have jobs, everyone cutting cutting cutting, and the teachers demand more money. Don't start with the "most important job eva" or "long hours and low pay" schtick. Everyone works hard yet are in hard times and this smells of greed and an abuse of power. Come on School Board, time to say no.

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Jurors convict Baldwin City driver of reckless aggravated battery for hitting bicyclist south of Lawrence

Good. I am glad you feel that way because I saw a car not make a complete stop at a stop sign, and now I know that every car and every car driver deserves to be run over by a vehicle of comparative size, let's say Big Bertha. Watch out Datsuns! Here I come...

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