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Boomer Girl Diary: Filling the empty nest with puppy love

Dogs never talk back. They don't drain your funds going to college. They never ask for money or a loan. They always want to hang with you even if you just want to sit in the yard. They are always overjoyed to see you when you come home. They never have friends over while you are gone. They never need attorneys for problem behavior. they are always in the mood for a walk so getting in some daily exercise is not a problem.

We went for a companion dog for our dog and ended up getting TWO more, courtesy of the humane society. Now we have three small dogs filling the void of our grown kids. Each of our dogs are up for the Best Dog of the year award. It's awesome but ... two would have been a lot easier.

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County bans fireworks on public land

Fireworks are a safety issue. If the weather is hot and dry there is a high chance of unintentional fires. Why would you want to have fireworks that could cause a fire? It is not worth it. Go watch a display put on by professionals and enjoy the show. The fourth of July is a day of celebration; you can do that without fireworks if it saves property, wildlife, and or lives of citizens.

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Details emerging on the proposed Lawrence recreation center

I am against the large rec center. It is for KU and commercial use. I want a smaller, cheaper faciliity near WalMart that locals are the focus. Please do not give in to developers. KU can make their own facility. I do not care about prestige only how locals will benefit from a rec center.

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Public forum to provide details on rec center

Sorry but with the looming cuts in state budgets and future job loss due to those cuts we need to be more fiscally responsible. It is not in the best interest of taxpayers to get into a huge project until we are in better economic shape. I prefer to have a smaller facility that is for residents of Lawrence and skip the complex. I want a local recreation center at 6th and Wakarusa.

The land donation is nice but it does seem to be tied to developers not what is best for Lawrence residents.

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