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Victim seeks legislative help to strengthen Kansas anti-stalking law

Insanity is frightening when it gets up in your face, so is ignorance. That's why aggressive KS residents who have been trained up by hick parents to prey on strangers they see as vulnerable with insulting offers of unwelcome "help" are born stalkers. Throw them in the clinker and lose the key! Anyone that ignorant needs a lot of help with their brain.

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With iPads, judges in touch any time, any place

Douglas County judges would be deemed enemies of the state in Plato's Republic. Even in the U.S as a whole the KS reputation for being uncivilized is well-deserved--no small part of that image is played by the gangsters who run the criminal injustice system here.

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Bill would allow guns on campus

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A poor fit

I do not condone the twisted treatment of human beings that happens in KS. This place is way behind the curve, and to my mind the true disabled are the obviously less than sharp people who train up their kids to participate in aggressive street harassment against those perceived to have physical limitations. Treating people like they are disabled is illegal , but when a whole culture behaves this way as a matter of upbringing, you really need to get the Americans with Disability Education people in here for some mass training. It's very unpleasant and makes dealing with the public an ordeal when one knows the chances of having his boundaries violated and being insulted during every shopping errand run close to %100.

Assuming that someone with even a minor a physical limitation is so needy they will welcome a backwoods dummy right off the street to approach them and commandeer their person and belongings is unhealthy and creates a hostile public space. It makes people feel unsafe. Let's take our camera phones out and start sending pictures of these criminals to law enforcement. It illustrates the kiss-to-kill, self-serving form of offensive and patronizing charity to tee. It's nothing less than an aggressive form of discrimination and bigotry. It forms a concrete example of the medical model gone wrong the letter writer is critiquing. It amounts to viewing and treating people as physical objects--in terms of a perceived flaw even if they have the highest intelligence scores of their entering graduate school class and are way more sensitive and aware than the hick with a fat ego who deludes themselves they can actually help a stranger. In the great state of KS such otherwise capable people become fodder to be abused and trashed.

Dummy Kansans use their twisted definition of "helping" as a crude form of status-seeking. Helping people means treating them like anyone else and equally--supporting their ability to develop their potential. May the many anonymous haters who have harassed me in Lawrence and especially the incompetent and dishonest KU officials who brutalized me and abused their police power simply for wanting them to follow due process and civil right laws fry in their own stinkingly bad karma juices.

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Do have any plans to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

I love to celebrate civil rights on MLK day. It's a somber year in 2012 though after the recent signing of the NDAA Act.

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Should public officials be sanctioned if they create or forward offensive emails on a public account?

One Million Pissed Off Women was encouraging mass email and phone protest against this clown the last time I visited their page on Facebook.

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A basic right

How does this law not conflict with the 14th amendment of the constitution?

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

If the government wants to protect Kansan children from their own parents they sure the heck would do well to enact a prohibition against all the wackos in this state who love to approach strangers and scare the bejesus out of them. Dumb , uneducated people hardly inspire trust or confidence in others, and most people would just prefer to be kindly let alone by those they likely have little in common with.

I'm all for courtesy, but not for dealing with those who get way too personal in the name of mindless and self-flattering chivalry. It's insulting and demeaning to anyone who is halfway politically aware. Lawrence is a poorly planned town to begin with, but to have to deal with aggressive, molesting strangers every time one steps off her door stoop just makes the place completely unlivable.

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County approves permit for healthy living facility

Whose definition of healthy living? Not to be too picky, but I wouldn't necessarily trust anyone in Lawrence understands the subject matter.

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Mother gets probation for role in child abuse case

I don't condone violence, but all bad- faith judges like Peggy Kittel have to teach the general public is that honor among thieves is the norm in Douglas County. Scoundrels and haters rule in this town.

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