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What keeps you feeling young?

Leave it to the LJWorld to pick on people you think look past their prime on the public streets.

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Sidewalk stand

Please make street harassment illegal too. It's only fair. Too bad most Kansans have been ignorantly raised to be busybodies who aggressively get up in the faces of those they do not know in public. I'm surprised given the liberal rhetoric so popular in Lawrence that more people aren't politically aware about the unequal relations that result from this sort of backward training. Plus, it's unhealthy and a public health issue because it makes walking alone unpopular and unsafe. Too often I'm quaking in my socks that people are going to violate my boundaries , yet people are completely blind to the signs I do want to be messed with. They are not for me . I don't want to talk to them or wish their presumptuous assistance( which is actually a blatant harm--they are ignorant predators). Thinking people are not going to want to relate to others on this level. It creates enemies not friends.Whatever the intentions, it frightens people, and it's often insulting and discriminatory.

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Suspended police officers’ names not released

I hope Charles Branson's office remembers its duty to turn over evidence that impeaches witnesses the next time those rats over in KU's crooked HR office try to frame a worker or student. Haha, this article sounds full of a bunch of butt-covering rhetoric. Law enforcement in Douglas County is full of criminals who frame and smear anybody with decent ethics who tries to expose them for the liars and scoundrels they are.

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Koch releases emailed threats on eve of protests

Proof-positive freedom of speech is not so free: you have to buy it. It's for sale, like everything else in the good, old U. S. of A ! Only if you have the bucks to shield yourself from the self-interested Powers that Be should you dare to open your pie hole to express your convictions. Anyone who takes it for granted their constitutional rights are a given is beyond foolish in this day and age ( especially in backwoods places like KS).

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Professor files lawsuit after KU denies him tenure

The University does not discriminate, Ms. Jess? Bahawha! KU does not lie either. What a bald-faced lack of truthfulness. Actually, it's almost impossible to survive at KU if you have decent ethics and don't want to sell out. KU in my personal experience sets new records in unconscious (and probably purposeful too) bigotry. Not to mention the vindictive and heavy-handed attitudes of Strong Hall and HR officials!

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Two Lawrence police department employees suspended, pending investigation

I have personally witnessed sordid, unconscionable misconduct by KU cops and the resident KY HR hacks during a federal investigation.

Douglas County takes incompetence and conflict-of-interest to record-setting levels, including tampering with evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, and crooked judges.Law enforcement here could easily star in a public service announcement exposing southern-justice, backwards practices. The KU witnesses who tried to smear me were hardly credible, so the case was dropped, but I should not have to live with so many hateful lies and be muzzled upon dishonest threat of legal retaliation.

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City to appeal judge's ruling that part of sidewalk ordinance unconstitutional

Funny the City of Lawrence would take unnecessary punitive action against someone as unfortunate as this when otherwise they virtually underwrite street harassment every day. Terrorizing strangers and otherwise showering them in public with unwanted intrusive attention needs to stop.

The Guardian even published an article for Valentine's Day about it:

"Most of the time, people in public do not want to meet or even talk to someone. They want to get from point A to B or enjoy fresh air. They may be in a hurry or be preoccupied. Therefore, chances are that a person you approach is not going to want to talk to you or interact with you. That has nothing to do with you personally."

Without this understanding many people
( especially women) will not feel safe in public. That's hardly fair or decent or civilized! Likely this is one big reason Kansas has a reputation for being backwards.

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Lawrence city sidewalk ordinance ruled unconstitutional

Please make it illegal for the local mountain people to approach and terrorize strangers way better educated, more civilized, and well-traveled than they. If you have never been out of Kansas, please realize that many people from elsewhere are with good reason taught to beware of strangers. It's also widely viewed as an insult to be treated as someone who wants or needs help. Likely most would prefer to remain independent than to pretend they are grateful to a forward, unwelcome stranger raised up to be a yahoo and scare thinking people on the streets. If you show bad judgment in the way you try to engage unknown people, obviously you are unworthy of trust. If the first amendment allows open access to public space, street harassment should not be allowed to curtail this.

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When was the last time you used the Lawrence city transit system?

Funny that I never had any issues ( or very few) with being harassed by other passengers( and even the drivers) in any other town or bus system but Lawrence's. I stopped trying to use the bus a few years ago because too many people mess with me. Sure do not enjoy mountain people and other unsophisticates! They are not going to win me over this year with their thick-headed ways. Lack of social equality is a given in southern culture, and Lawrence shows the strongest influences of this I hope to ever experience--backward beyond words and frighteningly ignorant.

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KU students designate SafeBus as preferred ride

Funny cop impression! I guess knowing how to poke fun at authoritarian attitudes is a survival skill in this part of of the country.

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