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Native Americans, supporters put on flash mob demonstration in South Park for Idle No More

editors: The activity described was a protest with signs, that occurred at a scheduled time, and may have included native American dancing and percussion, but hardly represents what is popularly understood as a "flash mob."

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Snow expected across northeastern Kansas this afternoon and evening

Gnome is using the 24 hour form and letter Z for "Zulu" time, common vocabulary for amateur radio operators. 1800Z is 6pm "Zulu time." Zulu time is also known as UTC/GMT (coordinated universal time/Greenwich mean time), the time it is in Geenwich, England. Central Time (without DST) is 6 hours earlier (or less that UTC/GMT)

So, 1800Z ( 6pm in Greenwich, England, is 1200 CST, or noon for us in Lawrence. It is a bit snobbish for Gnome to be a radio head on this forum.

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City, county moving forward on marketing strategy to attract retirees; $60,000 to $80,000 annual media campaign may be on tap

I'm sure one-eyed Wilbur will have a couple of suggestions. Maybe he could serve as the poster-geezer.

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Lawrence residents receive tickets for not clearing sidewalks

I wonder where Eride's run was this year.

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Animal rescue organization needs rescue of its own following mouse shortage, summer drought

Hawk_perched_by_the_riverfront ought to make a donation.

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Landlords speak out against proposed expansion of city's rental licensing program

With all the bitc*ing about Lawrence you do Wilbur, why do you continue to live where you do?

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Lawrence attorney likely to file for seat on Lawrence City Commission

Wilbur has a history on this forum of calling people "whores" and "prostitutes." So I know what language makes him feel comfortable.

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City to begin enforcing ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleared of snow at 8 a.m. Thursday

So oneeye is worried about the Socialists? ha ha I bet he still cashes his social security check and has his Medicare card in his wallet.

Meanwhile, has he shoveled his under-taxed Louisiana Street properties? probably not. Lawrence is so bad for him maybe he should move.

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Sound Off: Parking ticket

Please, don't expect Wilbur to read. He's an expert.

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Local United Way still $700,000 short of campaign fundraising goal

Because Wilbur and Toe care and give so much to the community......ha.

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