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Voters to have their say on future of Lawrence schools

If small schools are the best model, as many argue, why isn't this bond committed to building small neighborhood schools in West Lawrence?

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City commission candidates offer views on rental registration, recycling, neighborhood issues

Poor ole Wilbur forgot to take his happy pills. Again. Still dreaming about selling his Oread dumps to some big redevelopment.

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Riordan thinks doctor's perspective, problem solving skills would be asset to City Commission

Well, there is Alceste, best friends with one-eyed Wilbur. Front-people for the landlords who whore the Oread out on a regular basis.

Alceste, aren't you and Wilbur officers of the Oread Neighborhood oops, Oread Landlords Association now? Seems like you are now responsible for that which you complain about. Such great work you've done.

How many public meetings have either of you been asked to leave in the past, anyway?

If you are a "regular" guy, I'm the King of England.

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KU, Lawrence among schools closed on Friday; other activities canceled

This is A LOT of snow. Before the whining begin, it will take a lot more than 24 hours to make a decent dent on the residential streets.

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Police respond to bank robbery, Lawrence's second in a week

Gotta love those dye-packs!

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Topeka lawyer who defrauded fund for KU sentenced to five years in prison

And yet not a single banker on Wall Street has served any
time for the largest financial pillage in world history.

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City gives preliminary approval to development agreement for $25M recreation center

Then that is about it, isn't it Wilbur. Unless you are all un-democratic or something. Which you probably are. Whine away....

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Veterans from Topeka VA nursing-home unit visit athletics hall, other KU landmarks

Great story. Thanks to those who made this visit possible.

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Former Senate Education chair to switch parties

Eisenhower, Dole, Kasselbaum, Pearson, Goldwater. All would be roundly rejected by the tea party people who control the current Republican party.

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