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The Tonganoxie Split: Myth lacks scientific backing but remains intriguing mystery

And let's not forget the Eudora tornado legend!

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The Tonganoxie Split: Myth lacks scientific backing but remains intriguing mystery

If memory serves, it was Kansas City meteorologist Dan Henry who coined the term or at least popularized it.

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Improvements planned for North Lawrence grain elevator, but towers aren't coming down; new schedule for city compost and woodchip sales

Yep, I think you and the commenters are correct -- the 100 Years Ago ones must have been the old ones on the City Hall site. It says they were part of the Bowersock property, and I guess it doesn't make sense that Bowersock would build them across the river from his mill! Also, it says they were built along the Santa Fe tracks -- again, this would put them right there "under" current City Hall, wouldn't it?

From the description of their construction, I'm surprised they managed to tear them down -- those things sound like they were pretty solid! Kinda like the old story of the old river bridge that was "too decrepit" to go on using, but when they went to tear it down in the 1970s, it was very stubborn about being demolished! (That was before my time -- I got here in the mid-80s -- but I heard this from long-time residents.)

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Improvements planned for North Lawrence grain elevator, but towers aren't coming down; new schedule for city compost and woodchip sales

"Just how long they have been in place was a little tough to determine this morning."

Chad, perhaps I can be of some assistance here:

(With pictures, even! And believe me, they weren't common in the 1913 J-W!)

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25 years ago: Developers ready to break ground on Riverfront Plaza

I am not much for recreational shopping, but I did like that mall! I got some excellent deals on kitchen items (of course I can't remember the name of the store) and toys and sometimes books. Also it probably had the best view of any mall I'd ever been in.

Speaking of the flood of '93, I remember going to the mall and standing out on the pedestrian walkway with a lot of other people, all of us stunned speechless at the sight of the raging, roaring Kaw just (seemingly?) a few feet below us!

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100 years ago: Lawrence east-west streets change from names to numbers

Hi Clint! From what I can recall, the change was discussed for quite a long time before it finally happened. Those against it said that they wanted to continue to honor the memory of the men for whom the streets were originally named; those in favor felt that those names had been adequate in the early days when Lawrence was smaller, but now (1913) when Lawrence was larger, busier, and receiving many more visitors, it would make sense to number at least the east-west streets so that newcomers could more easily find their way around.

I suppose it must have helped to some degree. When you're on Eighth Street and you have to go to 14th, at least you know which direction you need to go. I do remember, however, when I first moved to Lawrence, I was a little confused at first that the streets with numbers went east-west except when you crossed the bridge into North Lawrence, and then they ran north-south.

Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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40 years ago: Violent storms bring heavy rain to Lawrence area

Here is an impressive bit of film from that 1973 storm.

This was shot in Salina before the storm moved to Clay Center.

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100 years ago: County fair visitors to see unusual plants, new crops, bridge made of seeds

"The weather was just a trifle crimpy this morning...."

[krim-pee] adjective, crimp·i·er, crimp·i·est.
1.having a crimped form or appearance.
2.South Midland U.S. (of weather) cold and disagreeable.

(I learn so many things doing OHT!)

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100 years ago: Vendors want to sell 2% alcoholic drinks at county fair, but is it legal?

"A man said to be stealing a ride on a Union Pacific train near Lenape, east of Lawrence, last night, was killed. The body could not be identified. It was taken in charge by Coroner Davis of Leavenworth county. It was rumored in Lawrence this morning that the man was a Union Pacific brakeman but this proved to be untrue."

From "Lenape, a village of Leavenworth county, is situated in the extreme southeastern portion on the Kansas river and the Union Pacific R. R. about 20 miles southwest of Kansas City. It has two general stores, a telegraph station, a money order postoffice, and in 1910 had a population of 85."

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25 years ago: Local authors seek recipes, stories for 'Kansas Cookbook'

Also, of that list of movies, I have seen "Fish Called Wanda," "Die Hard," "Bull Durham," "Married to the Mob," and "Big." I think I saw part of "Cocktail" once, but not the whole thing, and I haven't seen any of the others. How about you? Were you an '80s movie fan?

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