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Longtime provider of vocational training to close Lawrence campus this summer

"Previously the company operated in Lawrence as CTBI, which I think had been in operation in Lawrence since the 1980s." Yes, I remember it well! It was located over on the south side of town, off 23rd on "SIlicon Ave." which at that time (if I remember correctly) dead-ended into some woods. I attended there in the late 80s to gain some office skills. Actually that's where I learned to type properly! Before that, I was a pretty fast hunt-and-peck typist, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to pick up touch-typing when I started so late instead of learning it in high school, but it turned fine!

Just to show you a snapshot of the late-80s -- in addition to typing (or I guess now we'd say "keyboarding"), basic accounting, and general office stuff, we also learned word processing on WordPerfect. Ha!

I remember a few people from my class and I wonder what became of them. I recall at least two of them were from a factory that had just closed -- I want to say Levi-Strauss, maybe in Ottawa KS or something? -- and now their occupation was gone and they needed to train in something entirely different.

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Chain retailer along south Iowa Street announces pending closure; downtown restaurant shuts down, burger shop to take its place

"And prior to that, in December of 1977 or more likely 1978, the former Pier One store, on Massachusetts Street at I think 8th St, blew up from a tragic gas explosion...."

Ron, the event you're remembering was in mid-December, 1977. Here's a link to the original story: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id...

And a follow-up the next day, with a stunning photo: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id...

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9-month-old girl found in trash at Lawrence apartment complex; injuries possibly life-threatening

Safe-haven law (at least in Kansas) has upper age limit of 45 days (see http://safehavenlaws.uslegal.com/kans...). As you've probably seen according to the story's latest update, this baby was nine months old. But yes, I agree that it is a good law and should be wider known.

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100 years ago: Lawrence man trades commonly-used name for rarer variety

Well, unusual for Lawrence at that time -- only one other Kunkel in town.

My favorite line in the whole thing: "'I have my new name by rights now and I want everyone to know it,' said Mr. Kunkel as he walked joyfully down Massachusetts street." Hahaha!

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What's your favorite line from a movie or play?

Nearly every single line from Hamilton. :-)

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What's your favorite line from a movie or play?

Makes me laugh every time.

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Cat struck by arrow at Lawrence mobile home dies; police investigating

Many cats like to get into "hiding places" where they can sit unobserved and watch what's going on in the world (and watch for predators).

Unfortunately this cat's hideout was not protection enough against someone with an arrow.

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What restaurant dish do you wish you could make at home?

For me: the Chicken Tikka Masala at India Palace.

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