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Democrats sense a chance of defeating Republican Kobach in secretary of state's race

"Both blast Kobach over the recent controversy that has put more than 20,000 Kansans — and the number grows by about 2,000 per month — in voting limbo."

Please cite the source for these numbers. Is it credible or more left wing propaganda? If it's propaganda, it's going to rise every month the more it gets repeated. Kind of like the game we played when we were kids where everyone sits in a circle and whispers a "secret" to the person seated next to them. By the time it gets around to the last participant, it bears very little resemblance to the original "secret". And how many of those in limbo even care a bout voting? In the 2012 Presidential election, Kansas set a record low for voter turnout with only 56.8% of eligble voters turning out. This translates to 852,121 eligible voters who apparently did not care to vote. How many of these were part of the supposedly 20,000 who choose not to vote?

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Letter: Chaos in store

Any proof of your assertions?

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Letter: Chaos in store

jafs, in effect the government is printing money through the $85B spent monthly by the Fed to buy bonds and mortgages (funds created out of thin air). This money has not found its way into circulation as banks have used that money to invest in the stock market since there is not a large demand for loans and banks will not let idle money sit. Although many are predicting future inflation from the Fed's current monetary policy, printed money would go directly into the general economy accelearating inflation as it moves through the economy. Directly increasing the money supply in most cases causes inflation. Too much money chasing too few goods and services.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

Back to the basics Charlie. Make it simple and don't out-think yourself. On the positive side, KU football has only one way to go...up.

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Letter: Chaos in store

Chaos in store? Yes, but not for the reasons you list Mr. Hickam.

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Letter: Chaos in store

Good post FarleyM. Unprecedented spending by the Fed has propped up the stock market but does little for a bad economy.

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Opinion: Who shut Johnny out of the parks?

No one is disputing the current poll numbers. It's just that things like the Harry Reid fumble are not being published by the msm. As they begin to come out, people will begin to realize that the Ds are at least equally to blame, if not moreso. THEN we can look at the polls. I am betting they will change.

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Opinion: Who shut Johnny out of the parks?

I don't have to look at the link. Those are indeed the current numbers thanks to the msm blitz that has once again influened low information citizens. Facts are beginning to seep out and I anticipate these numbers will change. TAke for instance this jewel from Harry Reid when asked about his refusal to consider funding for NIH.

Help kids with cancer? Reid asks: 'Why would we want to do that?'

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Letter: Chaos in store

I would agree with you Armstrong, except that if the Obamacare fiasco is allowed to play out, we may be making a decison that will ultimately lead us to single payer, government insurance in the least case scenario with a very strong possibility of government bankruptcy in the worst case scenario.

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Letter: Chaos in store

Every year the CBO Obamacare costs rise. What will the estimates be next year or the year after, or the year.........(fill in the blank).

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