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Tom Keegan: David Beaty and Clint Bowen hope former boss Mark Mangino has big crowd for return to Memorial Stadium

I was going to come up for the Central Michigan game, but when I found out they were honoring Coach Mangino and the Orange Bowl Champions team, I changed my plans. I will be up there to personally thank and support those who gave us one of the best era's in KU Football.
On another note, I do have a suggestion. Since our country is in a place where we are tearing down and erasing symbols of hate and oppression. Can we please cut out Lew Perkins out of the photo above and others alike? I no longer want to see the image of the man who for the most part destroyed KU football. It offends me. (Please take the second half of this as a joke please).

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Haskell suspends football program, possibly others, to cut costs

How many institutions like Haskell are there in the U.S.? If not many, then yes, I agree that it would be the right thing for the casino's to step up and "help", but not fund completely.

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Creator of KU's most famous bronze sculptures dies at 95

Elden Tefft, THANK YOU for using your God given talent to create such a beautiful work of art. I remember my first weekend at KU. I was a young man from Oklahoma and didn't know too many people here. I took my dog for a walk around campus to see where my classes would be. I stopped for a few minutes in front of Strong Hall to stare and admire this awesome Jayhawk. I knew, right then, I was at the right place, and this is where I belonged. This Fall, I will be sure to go back to that Jayhawk and remember the man who created it. Rest in Peace Elden.

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Beaty refines KU recruiting pitch

Can't wait to see this new offense and defense in the spring game. Matt, and word on Cameron Durley? I thought he was suppose to sign later in the same week of signing day?

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Source: David Beaty expected to be named KU's head coach, perhaps as soon as today

I am not a financials guy, but I say give him a flat 800K a year contract with the incentives to make 1.5 to 2. Look, if the announcement becomes official, there is nothing we can do, but support him. I do hope he keeps Bowen on staff, and assembles the rest ASAP so we can get out there and fill those 20+ holes we need filled with players.

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Payback time? Revenge on Jayhawks’ minds

Revenge game?...dang skippy it is! They didn't "win" the game last year we "gave" it to them. This year...I say we try to get up by two scores, then we use our 4 Horse-men stable of running backs and run that defense of theirs to death! Oh....and DON'T let up if we do get a lead. Run up the score coach....run up the score!

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Double vision: Gonzalez twins ‘next big thing’

Wonder Twin Powers....Activate!!! Form of....a Big XII winning record! Good luck ladies, welcome to KU!

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Questions, no answers, for Kansas at QB

Ok, I am going to throw in my two cents here. In the late '90's Oklahoma State ran a dual QB offense. It kept defenses confused, and they had some great success with it. Since we are going into a BIG place like Norman. How about we start out with Crist, but then throw Cummings into the mix. Bottom line, at this point in the season, lets mix things up.

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Antlers get one last chance to rattle KU

If we win only one game the rest of the year....let it be this one. Send METH-U to the SEC losers.

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‘Power surge’: KU introduces ‘old ball coach’ Charlie Weis to fix, fire-up program

I agree, that it sent red flags up with me as well. But.....and I do say but if he can be here for 2-3 years, build a great staff and turn our program around, then turn the reins over to a guy he has groomed I will be fine with that. Because in the end...if we win ball games, start getting good/great recruits in here, it will be easier to find another good coach. If this works out, and our program gets turned around, this will be a home run move by SZ....and all it cost was the use of a private jet that can be wrote off as a business expense.

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