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Payback time? Revenge on Jayhawks’ minds

Revenge game?...dang skippy it is! They didn't "win" the game last year we "gave" it to them. This year...I say we try to get up by two scores, then we use our 4 Horse-men stable of running backs and run that defense of theirs to death! Oh....and DON'T let up if we do get a lead. Run up the score up the score!

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Double vision: Gonzalez twins ‘next big thing’

Wonder Twin Powers....Activate!!! Form of....a Big XII winning record! Good luck ladies, welcome to KU!

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Questions, no answers, for Kansas at QB

Ok, I am going to throw in my two cents here. In the late '90's Oklahoma State ran a dual QB offense. It kept defenses confused, and they had some great success with it. Since we are going into a BIG place like Norman. How about we start out with Crist, but then throw Cummings into the mix. Bottom line, at this point in the season, lets mix things up.

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Antlers get one last chance to rattle KU

If we win only one game the rest of the year....let it be this one. Send METH-U to the SEC losers.

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‘Power surge’: KU introduces ‘old ball coach’ Charlie Weis to fix, fire-up program

I agree, that it sent red flags up with me as well. But.....and I do say but if he can be here for 2-3 years, build a great staff and turn our program around, then turn the reins over to a guy he has groomed I will be fine with that. Because in the end...if we win ball games, start getting good/great recruits in here, it will be easier to find another good coach. If this works out, and our program gets turned around, this will be a home run move by SZ....and all it cost was the use of a private jet that can be wrote off as a business expense.

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KU football turns eye to future

All I can say is that I am sooooooo glad that our AD and even our Head Men's Basketball coach does not share the same view as several of the Kansas Jayhawk Basketball fans. I mean we are not talking about building a team who will compete for a National Championship every year like Texas and OU. All we are talking about is building a decent and respectable football program that can go to bowl games. I have a question. Why are there so many people on here who are basketball fans, hate football so much? All I can say is, who cares what KU football has done in the past. I wasn't there....all I care about is what we do in the future because we can't change the past, but we can change the future.

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KU football players stand up for coach

Ok, I am with the opinion of that he needs to go...but...and I do say I say he should renegotiate his contract. Make it to where if there is no improvement next season he is gone with a compensation package that is fair....(not 2 million a year).

Like I said, I am with the group that thinks he needs to go. But, I if we can go get a really good defensive coordinator like ie Mike Stoops then may be and just may be we can turn things around.

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Master teacher ‘best of the best’

Yes.....and yes......? I say who cares on either. Having a pierced nose doesn't make you a bad teacher it just makes you someone who wants to have a hard time blowing your nose that's all.

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4.7 magnitude earthquake hits Oklahoma

I live about 60 miles from the epicenter and have felt all 3. I have to say it's pretty neat. At first I thought about what could be causing the plates in the earth to shift and came to the conclusion that it has to be the expansion of ice under the plates from Hell freezing over. I mean because if OSU is in contention for a national championship, hell must have frozen over. :)

But seriously though, I inspected my house and did find damage. I am going to have to buy a new butt because it has a crack in it...... :)

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Missouri’s departure won’t change KU fight song

Or how about revising the last part of the song? "Rope some horns, and laugh at Tigers as we watch them bail". :)

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