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Plans filed to bring gas station, retail, offices along a portion of the South Lawrence Trafficway

Please, I beg for a truck stop as well, no place to park my semi in this area! Than you.

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Senate president leery of one-time budget fix, thinks Brownback is seeking 'ticket to D.C.'

Yeah send him to DC with all the other clowns that will fix that zoo once and for all. He will be the icing on the cake! LOL! What a mess.

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One person killed in accident along Ninth Street, police say

This is sad, I drive this most nights and was just thinking the other evening how dark that intersection is at night. And there is a lot of foot traffic there after dark. Just being observant.

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17-year-old accused of killing his grandmother to be tried as an adult

They had changed his medication, Debra never felt fearful of him, I do feel that those people should be accountable as well!

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17-year-old accused of killing his grandmother to be tried as an adult

I can't agree more! He needs help, not be locked up for crying out loud. He is not an adult, he's been a child in need of care that no one has been able to find the way to help him. I know he loved his grandmother and making him pay as an adult is the wrong way to go!

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16-year-old murder suspect Jaered Long pleads not guilty to killing his grandmother

Oh Melinda I just can not imagine what you are going through! My love and support are with you and your family.

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Former colleague recalls time with slain friend; victim's 16-year-old grandson charged with first-degree murder

She truly was a gifted nurse and the best DON I have worked under. She will be a great loss to this great community! I am crushed that her grandson did this!

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Kansas has no law on payouts for wrongly incarcerated prisoners

Best of luck to this man! I'm sure he will be compensated well. And I'm sure that this puts more people on edge over our injustice system.

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Brownback officials fire back at Sebelius over Medicaid comments

Let us ask the people of Kansas, my daughter with Disability's was dropped last year for no reason at all. I have stacks of unpaid medical bills and have been waiting for her to be put back on Medicaid for several months now. This has never happened before. Thanks Brownback. I got her back on just today!

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

Thumbs UP!

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