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16-year-old murder suspect Jaered Long pleads not guilty to killing his grandmother

Oh Melinda I just can not imagine what you are going through! My love and support are with you and your family.

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Former colleague recalls time with slain friend; victim's 16-year-old grandson charged with first-degree murder

She truly was a gifted nurse and the best DON I have worked under. She will be a great loss to this great community! I am crushed that her grandson did this!

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Kansas has no law on payouts for wrongly incarcerated prisoners

Best of luck to this man! I'm sure he will be compensated well. And I'm sure that this puts more people on edge over our injustice system.

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Brownback officials fire back at Sebelius over Medicaid comments

Let us ask the people of Kansas, my daughter with Disability's was dropped last year for no reason at all. I have stacks of unpaid medical bills and have been waiting for her to be put back on Medicaid for several months now. This has never happened before. Thanks Brownback. I got her back on just today!

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

Thumbs UP!

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

I hope he can take a peek and see what Brownback has plans on doing to our poor State!

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Child on bike hit by car at Sixth and Rockledge in critical but stable condition

More kids on the roads because they can't ride the School buses, if you live within 2 miles you have to walk or have parents that don't work come and pick them up. This is what happens when parents work and children are on their own to get to and from School. The Bus situation NEEDS to CHANGE!

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Cleanup continues after Lawrence hit with historic snowfall; several school districts close Thursday

BIG THANK YOU!!! To Lawrence Street Workers! I know it must be tough out there these past couple of days! Keep up good work! : )

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Couple at center of November homicide may have fallen into resource 'gap'

Can't people work around the care and needs of family members? where were we 50 or 60 years ago when there was no nursing homes did they just drop off their family member in the ditch? We need to bring family's back together. Is our true priority's Job and Money? Where did Family go!!! ?

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