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Owner of The Bay Leaf points to Internet, downtown hours as contributors to closure

Maybe being open only during times when most people are at work, or closed on holidays when potential customers stroll Mass St. looking for a store to be open wasn't such a great business mode. Huh.

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Lawrence winter has been unusually cold

I'm really tired of people saying that "it's cold, so Global Warming isn't real." Um, Global Warming contributes to extreme climate change. So snow in Texas I think might be considered kinda weird and different.

But this article is obviously the work of Captain Obvious.

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

So, who do I ticket for taking over 48hrs to plow the streets?

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Downtown providing less of city's sales tax revenue

Everyone thinks that the Legends are bad, but when I go shopping I have to go to Overland Park because a) I can't afford the shops downtown and b) I don't necessarily want to by the same 5 things at Old Navy that everyone else in town has. There is NO selection even from the big box stores. So while I do love Downtown, I don't see why more stores are so bad. They pay taxes, employ people, etc. And honestly, locals aren't the ones shopping downtown. I only go down there to eat. And if something isn't done it's going to turn into an entertainment district.

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Downtown providing less of city's sales tax revenue

Yeah, it's pretty hard to make money when they roll up the streets at 6 p.m. The hours that retailers have in Lawrence are the worst I have ever seen. They need to stay open later so that the folks having dinner can shop. Nothing loosens up a wallet like a little alcohol. I have never understood why the shops downtown close so early. You really can't expect to have a thriving business when you're only open from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Big, bad KU

"I am offended by people making fun of the rock chalk chant which is one of the most evocative sounds there is." Really? Evocative sounds. Really? It's a college chant that is usually done at SPORTING EVENTS THAT YOU AREN'T PLAYING IN! Really? This is why I dislike sports so very, very much.

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Right to life

Wow. Another inflammatory “letter” on the LJW site. Aren’t you guys tired of being baited by the staff with this subject? It’s always the most discussed and it ensures that everyone will hang out and come back to type furiously at one another. Pro Choice! Anti-Choice! We hate each other! You don’t understand my views! You are a Godless person! You’re an ignorant nincompoop! Arrrggggggghhhhh! There, that about sums up 99 posts thus far. How about this: I can’t change your mind. You can’t change mine. Hang out with only those people that you agree with so you don’t have a conniption fit when you hear an opposing view.

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Did you shovel your sidewalk Tuesday?

Yeah I did and then the scraper came by and covered it again. Not doing it a second time. Fine me.

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Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival leaving Lawrence for Arkansas

Stupid, stupid Lawrence. How much money did you just lose? Unclench about the hippies for two seconds and realize that it does bring money into town. And p.s., you can already buy pot here.

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