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Mother finds abducted daughter on Facebook but gets no happy reunion

You said it, Mister. MESSED UP.

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Victim: Deal violates rights

Having read this article, I feel the need to apologize for defending/praising Hayes in an earlier article. I still think Hayes is a ruthless, merciless prosecuter. I am, however, so dissillusioned and disappointed that he never once communicated with the victim. True, he works for the state by prosecuting lawbreakers. But as a human being, he should have at LEAST confered with the victim of this crime prior to his decision to offer a plea bargain. I'll bet he talks to the victims of most other crimes that have been commited that he CHOOSES to prosecute.

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Special prosecutor requested in sex case

Informed, I apologize for the lack of clarity in my last comment. I was trying to make a point that even tho M Hayes isn't one of my favorite people, he's definitely NOT in the same class as Stout (ie pervert), contrary to what enforcer implied in her post right before yours. I believe I've definitely muddied this up enough for now ;)

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Special prosecutor requested in sex case

Mike Hayes is hard and cold, and has no sympathy in him. I don't care for him, frankly he intimidates me. But he's not a pervert, and I don't have to like him to have full confidence in him getting a conviction.

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Special prosecutor requested in sex case

Stout doesn't stand a chance with Hayes prosecuting. Hayes will nail his hide to the wall.

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Purebreds OK

Last I knew, the founder of Kansas Search and Rescue got his dogs from animal shelters.

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Online 'joke' has tragic punchline

As a child, I was told BY AN ADULT that nobody liked me. Neither friends or family. When this adult babysat my siblings and me, I was made to stay in the house while they played outside so I wouldn't 'be a bad influence on them'. I believe I was 6-7 yrs old. I was devastated. This adult completely destroyed my self confidence and self esteem. I was afraid to tell anyone about it, because they might be one of the people that didn't like me. I was an awkward child that developed a trait of outrageous behaviors in an attempt to gain acceptance. I don't blame this adult for my past mistakes, but her words were always in the back of my mind. And strangely enough, I never hated or feared this adult, because I DIDN'T WANT TO BE LIKE HER. It's been over 40 yrs, and her words can still come back in my mind to hurt me when I don't need it. Usually when I'm in a challenging situation and am a little unsure of myself. I am a successful career woman now. My wages are in the top 20% for women in this state. Do I owe it to this adult from my childhood? No. Did she make me stronger by throwing adversity in my path? No. She made self doubt and low self esteem a constant presence in my life. She had no right under ANY circumstance to do that to me or any other child. Ms Drew had no right to interfere in a malicious and obviously harm-provoking way like she did. Ms. Drew set an example for her own daughter that was predatory and cold. They brought down group disdain and ridicule on this girl. Ms Meier obviously broke My Space rules by allowing her daughter to have a profile when underage. Ms Drew, as a 'mature, should-know-better adult, took advantage of that fact and exploited Megan and deliberately exposed her vulnerabilities to her peers. And like a pack of dogs, most of them will pounce on the injured so they don't get attacked. Ms Drew has no conscience. Nor does anyone who can attempt to defend her behavior. Whatever happened to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?

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Longtime surgeon leaving LMH to focus on breast care at KUMC

I never met Dr. McGinness, but I have nothing but the highest regard for her partner Dr. Smith, who helped me thru my breast cancer journey. Maybe Dr Praeger sets the standard for that office since all the doctors from LSA are so highly thought of. I don't believe I could have found a more compassionate, caring, and knowledgable surgeon than Dr Smith. Best wishes for your new job, Dr McGinness, and maybe you'll be the one to find the cure!

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Power Corp. apologizes for comments

In this particular case, I'm going to have to agree w/Sigmund. Unless you're willing to boycott coal powered electricity and/or relinquish all the electric appliances and gizmos that make life easier, you have little room for criticism. Wind and solar power are the ideal renewable sources for electricity, but they cannot be the only source. Do you want AC in August only when the wind's blowing? How about heat in January only when the sky's clear? And no lights at night when the sun's down and the wind dies off. People want to slam coal generated electricity, but they aren't willing to give it up. It's supply and demand. As the demand increases year after year, more plants must be built to supply that demand. And the number of wind turbines that would need to be built to equal the output of 1 coal plant of the size being discussed is huge. Nuclear is another sane alternative to coal. Still uses water and has waste that nobody wants around, but it's cheap power and doesn't produce greenhouse gases. How about we put one right next to the Lawrence Energy Center? No? Some people are going to whine just to hear themselves.
By the way, the plant north of Lawrence has been a national leader in exploring ways to reduce pollution and increase output to delay new construction. Companies from overseas have visited it to learn their methods of pollution control and improved combustion. No plant is perfect, but each new one has better technology than the one before it. Why not start a drive to give homeowners an incentive to install solar panels? A tax break and rebates sufficient enough to make solar affordable. They even have solar shingles now. But the cost is prohibitive for most homeowners. Drop the demand for electricity, if you want to make a difference.

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Topeka workers walk off job

Hang tough guys. You've got my full support. The unions of this country have done great things for the American worker. Even those not in a union have benefited thru the years by a nearby union presence. Do away with the union positions in a company, and the wages and benefits of the non-union positions will suffer. The unions aren't perfect, they all have their flaws, but they are infinitely better than relying on the generosity of employers to share the profits with those who made the profits possible. The unions have been instrumental in improving workplace safety. Who wants to go back to the days of no health benefits, no vacation time for a normal family life, working from dawn to dusk for minimal pay, and getting paid according to who's *** you kiss. So if you weren't one of the 'good ol' boys' in charge, you got paid a pittance just like the majority of the other workers. True, this didn't happen in every workplace, but these conditions were the rules, rather than the exceptions. I owe everything I've ever had to the representation of a union. I'm a reasonably intelligent, hard working employee that's fiercely loyal to my union and the company I work for. My employers treat me well, based on my work effort, skills and knowledge-due to the union presence at my back. So hang tough, union brothers. Stand up for what you believe in. I salute you!

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