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Brownback announces new press secretary: Lawrence resident Eileen Hawley

Family values? So, what happened to Sally Ride?

How did the current Ms. Hawley get her previous job offers?

Does astronaut Hawley or Ms. Hawley agree with the anti-science legislators promoted by the Governor?? How about the "new-earth legislators" like Steve Abrams who has advocated for years the elimination of teaching of evolution (i.e. science) from school curriculum. How about the same people who have suggested elimination of the "common core" set of standards...which do not come from the federal government, but from Governor Mary Fallin of the state of Oklahoma, well known for its advanced set of educational standards. (eyes-roll).

Mr. Hawley is well regarded. Presumably Ms. Hawley is too. But this hiring proves that he and his wife are for sale, at the loss of KU, the KU School of Engineering, for their personal profit and regard.

Shame, shame, shame Hawleys. Salina is disappointed. Kansas is disappointed. Elizabeth Shultz and many other professors of yours are very disappointed. And you know it to be true.

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Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

Until and when the US government starts converting a "deaths into gallons" equivalent death tax, all this other discussion is kind of extraneous.

And when I see all these Democrat "true blue" women from Johnson County driving to Topeka to protest the Holcomb power plant (or other such topics) in their 8 mpg super-SUVs, with yellow magnetic signs of "support for the troops, when their children will never be subject to the draft, I just want to vomit all over I-70.

They have not connected the dots on fuel consumption/CO2 , fuel consumption/war.

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Downtown Lawrence Inc. hires new executive director

I did not know our bar district had an executive director.

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Change in state law expected to produce fewer historic preservation reviews in Lawrence

The entire City Commission was recently flim-flammed by the Fritzells. What can poor little Zollner do to stop Fritzells deceit and chicanery.

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Roberts votes against farm bill, Moran votes for it

I guess Billy Sol Estes didn't call Roberts and tell him how to vote this time.

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Area Rotary groups to host Elvis-themed race and concert to help end polio worldwide

To eradicate the disease, health care workers (physicians, nurses) must be trusted by the people of rural Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

When the CIA uses polio health care workers to spy on the locals on their behalf (including visiting Bin Laden's compound) , this needed trust is significantly damaged.

Because of this conduct, and other regional conflicts between and amongst tribes and nationalities, I am afraid it will be a long time before this noble goal is reached. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will need to remain vaccinated, or polio will again become endemic.

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Reasonable Gun Laws

Let's do whatever we can to protect our constitutional right to have 100,000 Americans killed or injured by firearms annually.

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Proposal puts part of Lawrence in 1st District

I'll have a glass of whatever Silly Sauce they are consuming in the Capitol. That has to be some-powerful Fire Water.

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