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Creation of Kansas basketball uniforms calculated

Give me a good player inside the uniform and they can dress like artichokes for all I care!!!!

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Bonnie Henrickson out as KU women's basketball coach

No point in piling on....the overall record speaks for itself.

A subtle sign of problems was the continued departure and transfer of many players during Bonnie's tenure. I'm not saying these were totally her fault but it sure was an indicator of something not working.

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Jayhawks snare share, can win Big 12 outright Tuesday vs. WVU

Sorry about the time frame mix up with our President...it just seems that long!

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Jayhawks snare share, can win Big 12 outright Tuesday vs. WVU

Eleven Straight years...2004!! Think about it. President Obama had just taken office, no one had ever heard of ISIS, Boston hadn't won a World Series in almost a century, the social media was still going to a cocktail party, the Dow Average was about 10,000, gas cost about a dollar a gallon.

And, finally, virtually every student that will be in Allen tonight was in grade school!!

What an unbelievable run!! Go Hawks.

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Man of faith: Basketball, Bible study highlight senior walk-on Christian Garrett’s KU tenure

Well, no matter what he says, he won't exceed Wayne Simeon's marathon Senior Night speech.

WOW...one Senior..and he's a walk-on. Times have sure changed.

Maybe we should rename it Farewell Night and let everyone who is leaving express themselves. :)

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Column: Big 12 could have 5 champs

Or what really is going to happen is, Iowa State beats Oklahoma tonight and KU revenges West Virginia tomorrow and the race is over!!!

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Thon Maker on the market now

As I posted last night, Thon, call fellow Canadien Andrew Wiggins to hear how great KU was for him, call Joel Embiid and hear how great it was to progress at center so quickly and, finally, call Bill Self and ask him if he has a big man for next year......you'll love his answer!!

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Column: Cyber bullies unfair to Ellis

Every win or loss is a team effort. To blame or glorify one player is totally short-sighted. Take a look at the play again.

1] Perry is concerned about time running out so he hurried the shot.
2] He is almost undercut by the WV Guard.
3] His own teammate was part of the problem.
4] He's running full speed but lost the rythm to dunk and had to put up a floater..always a tough shot.

Believe me, I am not an apologist for Perry. His soft play at both ends of the court drives me nuts, but just the fact that he had the court presence to take off and even give himself a chance to score should be commended.

Come on folks enjoy this team for what it is...a league champion that, not unlike last year,
will, most likely, not have the strong interior presence to make it out of the first weekend of the NCAAs and even if they do, the Elite Eight is the absolute maximum ceiling for this group.

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Jayhawks set to open against UC Santa Barbara

Mark my words....something will happen on the UK "All-Ego" team and they won't turn out to be quite as unstoppable as people are predicting.

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Fan collects KU basketball coaches’ signatures on Bible

That bible needs to end up on display near to Doc Naismith's Rules.....that would be an awesome addition to that building. At the very least, it should be in the Booth Hall of Fame.

I doubt seriously there are more than half a dozen objects with all five names....most likely even less!!!

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