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Creative people’s brains similar to schizophrenics’ brains, study finds

I do agree that medication is over-used. I succumbed to the pressure of "drugging" my little buddy. He was in 4th grade. I do regret it, and feel his growth was stunted because of it. He is almost 19, now. Off meds for 3 years, and 5'5. My 16 year old son is 6'. I have terrible guilt on my head knowing that it is possible/likely i denied my older son his potential in physical growth.
We are Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Dancers. We are highly adventurous, and are explorers. We have ADD.

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Creative people’s brains similar to schizophrenics’ brains, study finds

I have ADD (not ADHD) so do 2 of my 3 kids. (the younger two--both late teens).
I was not allowed to watch TV growing up, and I rarely watch now. My kids grew up without a TV/video games.
We went to festivals, the zoo, museums, art galleries, plays, parks, day trips, hikes, biking, fishing, etc.etc.
ADD, and ADHD are not to be attributed to watching too much "tube" or "gaming". (Although these activities should be monitored and engaged in infrequently, in my opinion).
I feel society is really missing out on the typically highly creative aspects that seem to come with this.
Oh, for the day that Montessori Education becomes mainstream!
Everyone learning in a non-restrictive, supportive environment at their own pace...

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Obama voters made a mistake

God Bless our President. Putting EGO aside, which one of us could do better? Has he not had more issues (at home and abroad) to deal with than any other President in history? We are indeed fortunate to have a President with the diplomatic skills so desperately needed in these times of uncertainty. I am confident that our nation is being led by an intelligent, very capable President. Nothing/Nobody is Perfect.
(The definition of Goodness is PERFECTING).
It is our duty to be the best law-abiding citizens we can be. If you don't like something, then be a peace loving activist and DO something to bring about whatever change you deem to be progressive...Instead of poo-poo thoughts, why not turn all that negativism around and do something Positive?
Let us focus on all there is to be truly thankful for, and how very blessed out Nation really is.
Regarding the State of the Union:
PRAYER is a POWERFUL TRANSFORMING TOOL, so, if nothing else,Pray, Pray, PRAY.

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