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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

"lack of media coverage"? It was in the newspaper almost daily, on the radio almost daily, candidates walking the neighborhoods daily, weekly, monthly, yard signs everywhere, etc.etc.
For a "progressive" community like Lawrence claims to be, unless there is a true "not in my neighborhood" issue, we don't vote and act like more informed citizens than any other community in America.
Media coverage would and should never dictate election turnout if the citizenry truly cared.
We absolutely get the results we deserve. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all those that cared enough to run in the first place.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A poet warrior fights to tell story of Vietnam

Thanks to Musgrave and others like him who fought the good fight and are still fighting today for his fellow man. He was an incredible vet against the war in the early 70's and spoke eloquently about the senselessness and lack of purpose in Viet Nam. I will never forget listening to him and seeing what constitutes a true patriot.

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Jayhawks flocked to Elijah Johnson in victorious locker room

Coach Self has too much class to bring it up, but were there any statements issued by Iowa State regarding the behavior of their big booster, Mr. Weatherwax, who had to be restrained by a police officer after the game?

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City Hall brokers deal to scrap controversial bidding process for $25M recreation center; proposal now calls for open bidding

KUjayhawk and cant have it both ways......agree with you two completely. Just like American Eagle factory and numerous other projects that would have benefitted the entire community over the years... we looked gift horses in the mouth. fritzel and others should call the naysayers bluff and back out.
No wonder new businesses think twice before moving or opening here.

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Federal report details academic fraud at Haskell

Superswagg nailed it.....cheating yet still losing, nice combination.

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce to honor 3 for service to community at annual meeting

Three well deserved award winners. All three have been strong, contributing members of the Lawrence community for many years. Our quality of life is better now because of their past efforts. Congratulations.

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Letter: Turkey abuse

Liberty One....
Don't forget turkey sandwiches......the absolute best any time!

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Former employee sues Lawrence restaurant for discrimination

rtwngr is right...."step in, make an offer to settle and cut a check to make it all go away."
Very sad but very true. And we all pay for it. Groundless, frivilous and costly litigation and "settlements" that ultimately is passed along to the average Joe and Jane Consumer.
Would be interesting to see a suit that asked for no monetary damages, just an apology if in fact wrong doing was done.
Hopefully some of the smaller, local companies can afford to stand up to these kind of lawsuits, fight them in court and get decisions rendered in their favor. That might stop the "check" from being the only way "it all goes away:,

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City Commissioner Hugh Carter takes job with Lawrence Chamber of Commerce; announces he won't seek re-election in April

the nay-saying by the do-nothings on these blogposts are always so predictable.
Regardless of your politics, those on the commission spend long hours in countless study sessions, meetings, etc. for their term, let alone the campaign time, etc. Instead of sitting in front of their computer whining all day, at least they're making the real effort.

Hugh Carter is a bright, hardworking contributor to this community. He wanted to improve things so he actually did something about it...he ran for office, and won. Now he's moving to another important position that stands to benefit the entire community once again.
Thanks Hugh for staying involved.

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Letter: Father, son

Tommy Johnson, Sr. was a warm hearted, fun and energetic guy that lit up a room whenever he walked in. He used to set up and staff a table on campus with a sign that said "Free advice about anything"....making people laugh and feel good about things. Congrats to Tommy, Jr....your dad was one of a kind!

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