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Mother Earth News Fair expected to draw 10,000 to downtown Lawrence

what about letting the public know via paid advertising like all other organzations?
newspaper, radio, tv, direct mail, social media, etc.
just sayin'

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Mother Earth News Fair expected to draw 10,000 to downtown Lawrence

kernal...first I've heard of this as well, but I don't blame the LJW. It's up to Mother Earth News to promote their own events. Thanks to LJW for letting the general public know.
hope its well attended.

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Vacant Sears building sold; plans at City Hall suggest Dick's Sporting Goods on the way

FYInfo.....shame on took my line.....hahahaaa!!!!!!!!!!

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City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

It must be working already...I just saw three drones headed for town. They stopped at the city limits, turned around a flew away.
What an absolute waste of time. Too bad the city felt the need to placate the loon bin.

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Kansas shifts plans on license renewals

Just as about doing something/anything to streamline the basic license renewal process. It's ridiculous to wait in the same line with others with more extensive and complicated issues at the various DMV offices. It takes hours most times to simply renew a license. Surely there's a way to pre-register and renew online getting the basics out of the way, come to DMV for the eye test/etc. and be thru in a matter of minutes. Just sayin'

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Downtown Lawrence call center gives details on plans to hire nearly 200

totally agree. maybe 200 people who are out of work will find employment here. Any job is better than no job. And if these jobs are so evil, no one has to accept them if offered. The marketplace usually speaks pretty loudly either way.

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Lawrence resident is world air guitar champ

Congrats MM!! Rock On! Another title for the River City!

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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

I remember when anything west of Iowa Street was considered evil by the Merc crowd.
Hey, there's money in them thar' neighborhoods. Snobby, arrogant at the Merc? Ya,think?

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Lawrence pizza restaurant to donate all sales and tips to Oklahoma City tornado relief effort

thanks to Morningstar's NY Pizza for showing compassion and community spirit. Will plan on getting food from them today for sure. I would hope other communities would do the same for us, should that awful situation ever arise.

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Questions abound about Obama's KU visit

I thought Teddy Roosevelt came to Lawrence and dedicated the "horse fountain" in South Park when it was located at 9th and New Hampshire(or thereabouts) while he was President. Is that urban legend, the truth or did he do it after his presidency??

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