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School board formally sets bond election

Not with them at the helm.

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School board to consider legal settlement

It does seem that these admins have forgotten the public employee part. Good point.

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School board to consider legal settlement

If you don't like our district paying this sum of money for wrongful termination cases then take a look at the practices and attitudes of Cunningham, Hayden, and the rest of their peers.

The school board must ask why this happened.

Can we, for a change, hold these administrators responsible for their actions?

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For some Lawrence voters, 2005 bond issue still casts cloud of suspicion

Will you please show us how ALL the money was spent for technology last time?

It was wasted before so we should not vote to give them more until they overhaul the entire IT department. Administrators and staff got too many perks to the detriment of the schools. This is just another shot for them to stock up on personal equipment.

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Demand for e-books growing at libraries

I'm sure you mean Microtech computers and not Kenindyne who apparently makes ratcheting straps. Microtech by the way can only blame themselves for going under. Building cheap desktop computers for industries is a dying business and you can thank the free market for that, not reforms in health care.

I do not mooch, but I do believe in giving someone a leg up for the betterment of community and civilization. This does not mean endless welfare or handouts. However we as a nation are being left behind in sciences, technology, and math. We are left behind in how we care for the sick and the poor. Our infrastructure is not the world leader as it once was. Your politics as usual does nothing to improve any of these.

You are a dying breed and the majority has shown in recent elections such as the votes on the T, the library expansion, and the re-election of President Obama that many of us our willing to try something besides what you profess.

Libraries give a chance for life long learning, something you may want to look into.

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Demand for e-books growing at libraries

Dear Bitter Old Man,
I am not reliant on any services. Businesses are failing because of poor business models. Again, I repeat, the majority of voters did not see it your way, not in the Presidential election, not on the library expansion, and not on the bus, so you see you lost. See you here next time you feel like whining.

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Demand for e-books growing at libraries

As usual, you show yourself to be clueless, but by all means preach on. Libraries are not dying they are evolving. I know you are against all services like the bus, libraries, so how about you start putting out your own fires and start chasing your own criminals. While you are at it build your own roads to drive on. Your attitude is tiring and the majority of voters have not agreed with you, so move on!

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First Bell: Communications basics; more pre-bond input sessions

Not a chance I'll vote for the bond issue, and not a chance I will waste my time with their Kangaroo court that would be the "input session". The Administrator's heads are so far up their own cabooses they will never have the auditory senses necessary to hear anything the community is saying over their own flatulence that goes along with their waste.

Furthermore this newly placed school reporter has clearly shown where his allegiance stands. The editorializing about the Governor's web-portal being implemented wrong is beyond simply reporting facts.

Can we please get an actual journalist who will look at the schools from every angle? A journalist who will dig for all the facts? What we don't need is one more mouthpiece for this school administration spewing the company line. This is a public organization. This is the public's money. Treat the Administration as stewards please, not as the all knowing authority.

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Group criticizes Lawrence school district over open records request

Because the current administrators are corrupt?

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Student design for KU police cars a winner in magazine's contest

Gosh exact match Thanks Fatty McButterpants!

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