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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

No, but it has been appropriated by dirty people. In the classical sense, it implies a people free of too much government control. Now, it implies control freaks and those who like to be controlled.

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Gun bills easily approved

Blame it on dem Koke brothers. Just say Koke brothers. . Say they take moneys, instead of give it. Never mind what's true, jest say it anyways. If we all say Koke brothers a hunerd times a day, the govmint will start takin even more money from them Koke brothers and givin it to us. Free stuff we'll be getting from them rich people who do nothing but organize production and sell things that some fools are willing to spend thur hard earned money on. Koke brothers, they suck.

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Gun bills easily approved

Not unless we have a true police state, with policemen on every block of every neighborhood. I think this is an ideal some Democrats truly have. Civilian National Security Force, remember?

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Gun bills easily approved

No, the Civil War did not abolish the 10th Amendment.

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Gun bills easily approved

You want a police state, then? Where only police have guns?

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Gun bills easily approved

It could help protect your kids from would-be mass murderers.

In Nigeria, people aren't allowed to have guns, and their government police state promises to protect them. That's why gangs can regularly invade towns, enslave some of the children, and kill everyone else with big knives.

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Governor forms committee to increase recreational, tourism opportunities on Kansas River

No, the free market would take care of that. The businesses interested in providing tourism services would be highly motivated to clean it up.

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Senate advances bill giving private health clubs property tax break

The best solution is to get rid of non-profit status altogether. All businesses serve society, much better than non-profits do. Non-profits are mechanisms for people to avoid taxes, to pay higher salaries rather than take "nasty profits," and to act like they're actually doing something noble.

Either tax all organizations, or tax none.

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Revised income, sales tax bill clears Senate

JayHawkFan, Yours is the only decent point I've read by a lefty on this matter so far (up until the diatribe on the rich not paying their fair share, which is B.S.). But I think the benefits in economic growth from lowering income and corporate taxes will well offset the deduction of income tax on the federal returns. It's a shame that having to beg back the money we send to the federal government, after it's taken a hefty chunk and squandered most on programs that actually cost us matching money to support, always has so many manipulative strings attached. We'd be better off keeping all of our Fed Dept of Education dollars, for example, distributing them to schools around the state, than taking the trickle-down leftovers from the fed, which have so many costly strings attached.

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Senate approves Chamber-backed bill opposed by unions

You're a little mixed up. Hitler consolidated and "improved" unions. Unions loved and supported him and his socialist policies (before they discovered, too late, they'd sold their freedom for a bowl of proverbial porridge).

Unions are doing the same now, giving politicians power in exchange for the politicians writing laws that coerce companies and the public into giving them what they want. If you give too much power to bureaucrats to control society (based on the politicians' promise to take care of you), they'll soon control society, having no more use for the useful idiots who helped them consolidate power.

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