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City Commission candidates split on idea of expanded rental licensing program

Looks like I will be canceling your vote. I will only vote for the ones that will look seriously at enforcing the current system and increasing its reach. I am tired of the neighborhoods in this city looking like slums due to out of town(mostly) landlords.

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Mission man ordered to trial in February death of Lawrence man

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Man sentenced to more than nine years for robbing same bank twice

So the The DA can get big sentences.

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Facebook page concerns parents of Lawrence High students

This is no worse than the gossip spread on LJW's comment section. The kids are just doing what they see the 'adults' doing.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

""The idea that you can just pull new wetlands off the shelf and assume they will be a suitable substitute for what Mother Nature has endowed us with is a dubious prospect to say the least," Eye said. "It illustrates the hubris that many people have in thinking they can override Mother Nature with human endeavors.

"We all need to be reminded that Mother Nature bats last." "

The current wetlands were man made, not mother nature made. Talk about 'Hubris.'

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Brownback leads Kansas delegation heading to English air show

Under Sam's leadership Boeing is packing up and leaving town. Great business climate!

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City allows Ninth, N.H. retail/hotel project to move forward

Thank you commmissioners. This project needed to be done. As an Eastsider, I am glad to see my property value will go up. I am glad to see an opportunity for retail to come back to downtown. I am hopeful that this will help downtown thrive and not continue its slid toward being a bar district.

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West Middle School math teacher named assistant principal

I am sure there was a large pool. These jobs are highly sought after. Branson was probably one of the best math teachers ever at West with the exception of Mrs. Wagner. They both had my kids. Branson was always the one doing the heavy lifting at the Warhawk Invite. She made that one the of best tournments around. Great Choice Mr. Melton!

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Great programs

Why do the girls have to sing and blow kisses to their guests? This is silly and demeaning. Maybe participation would change if the program was a little more modern.

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