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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Kudos LJW. I am glad for this change. I too have found myself running at the mouth because I could hide behind a name. I will be registering on Thursday.

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Jayhawks and zombies make for an ever-so-Lawrence homecoming parade

Wow Cindy O'Neal. Mike O'Neal's wife, the house majority leader who hated Lawrence and always called it the people's republic. Welcome to Lawrence. The best part of Kansas!

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

I heard the track was going to be removed by next summer. Is that still the case?

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School board approves expansion plan for elementary schools

Adjust the boundary lines already. It is ridiculous that everything is crowded on the west end when there is capacity on the east end.

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City set to approve final details of Ninth and N.H. hotel project; construction to begin next week

Not a fan of Compton or Fritzel and I live in the east side. But, I am pretty darned excited about these projects and everything that is going on in the east side including the 8th and Penn project and Train Depot.

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Brownback appoints Cindy O'Neal to State Fair Board

I find it interesting that she is listed as living in Lawrence, a dark spiritual place!

• Cindy O’Neal, Lawrence, is being appointed to a three year term. Mrs. O’Neal earned a bachelor degree from Washburn University. She is currently the Chief of Staff for the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and is Assistant to Assistant General Manager for the Kansas State Fair

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NBAF at center of budget fight between Obama and House Republicans

As much as I think this would be good for the state, I think Obama should can it. After all how many times has the Governor and our Congressmen and Congresswoman told him to stay out of our state. I think he should do just that, stay out of our state just like they asked. Afterall isn't it a LITTLE hypocritical to ask for money from the man you say spends too much? (takes tongue out of cheek....) We (Kansas) get what we deserve.

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

Well, scratch off another restaurant to a failed change of vision. I predict the death of Tellers, just like the death of Milton's, Vermont St. BBQ, and many others. Why do owners insist on changing things when they work. How many succesful estasblishments have we seen go down the drain becuase someone is bored with the status qou. My restauRANT is over now.

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Regal chain buys Lawrence's Hollywood Theaters; speculation begins on whether upgrade is in the future

We haven't gone there in years. There is no reason to go there when you can hop in the car and be at the Legends in 15 minutes. Much better screens, seating, and food. If they upgrade the screens and projection and get the recliner seating, we will at least try it again.

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Obama's budget includes $714 million for construction of bioscience lab in Manhattan

Sam has rejected every other Federal handout, I am POSTIVE he will reject this one too... (tongue in cheek)

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