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Letter: Ticking debt

Blah, blah, Bush. Blah, blah. Why has the deficit increased more over the past four years than total over the all the presidencies combined? Oh, right, Bush. We wonder why people never take responsibility for their actions these days? Starts at the top. Please come up with a better idea than to tax the middle and upper class and take away their retirements. Hasn't worked yet. Next idea will be to take the original rules of basketball away from KU and take them to Columbia, MO to be fair because they have such a bad program and can't have the rules. April 15th...... now let's talk fairness.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

Cool, he can take the original rules of basketball and "donate" them to a smaller, poorer, bad basketball school to be fair.

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Letter: Fluoride study

Btw, fluoridation may be a moot point. How many people drink unfiltered tap water these days?

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Letter: Fluoride study

Nyscof, the primary cause of decay is bacteria. Also, you think dentists are brainwashed about fluoride? These professionals advocate an element that actually reduces their income. You must be right....they must be drinking too much fluoride lowering intelligence. Ha! Please find a real scientific study and not anecdotes. If you haven't noticed, soft drinks, energy drinks are a little acidic and fast food has a few carbs.... now that's a correlation that can be studied.

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

Sorry about the sarcasm at the end of the post- getting cranky late in the evening.

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

Let's do real scientific research. First of all, too much of anything is usually bad. We are fluoridating at 0.75ppm. Wichita has a natural fluoride content in its water of 0.25ppm. Optimal levels of fluoridation has been studied and been determined to be 1.0ppm. So, let's just say that fluoride causes cancer and less than intelligent people. A real scientist would go to areas where the natural fluoride levels are very high such as Colorado Springs(near the mountain) and near Lubbock, Texas where the levels are near 15ppm. You would then have to see if there was a high incidence of thyroid cancer and people with low IQs. I doubt you will find it. Fluoride can stain teeth at high concentrations in the towns that I mentioned and can cause very hard bones-No government conspiracy to kill us especially since they have to pay for our healthcare. Get rid of fluoridation= job security and wealth for the dental professionals and a bunch of kids complaining of toothaches. Hugh, please do some real research and stay away from Roswell.

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Local schools, governments, health providers bracing for "fiscal cliff"

Well said, labmonkey. If the SP's want to raise taxes on the"wealthy" or the successful they need to start talking about serious spending cuts. The best way to increase tax revenues is to create jobs but there have been no new plans by the WH to lower unemployment. Having a new stimulus plan is outrageous- will eat up all the tax increases. Guess the credit card credit limit will be raised. Bad way to run the government and a bad example for households.

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Letter to the Editor: Voting lesson

Let's not forget our tax dollars pay for student identification, so voter fraud will not be an issue.

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Letter to the Editor: Voting lesson

This letter is pure nonsense. Period. Voting is a very serious act and should be monitored. How do you prove who you are to get money? How do you prove who you are to receive government assistance? This is Dems' fear mongering. Do they mention how the military vote is surpressed? Heck, no. Try to mail an absentee ballot from a hole in Afghanistan. The Dems blocked a bill to allow the troops to vote online or give them an extension because it's not fair that EVERYONE can't do it. Your letter only will enlighten the fools and the "intellects". Let's get back to the real issue that our country is going down the tubes with debt and overspending.

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Middle class

A family of 4 that makes $50,000 a year with a simple tax form is 50,000-(4x3800)-11,900= $22,900 taxable income(this is most it could be as this only takes into account the exemptions and standard deduction). So, the first $17,400 is taxed at 10% now which is $1740. The next $5500(22900-17400) is taxed at 15% which is $825 for a total of 1740+825 which is $2565. But wait, subtract $2000 for your child tax credit and we get $2565-2000 for a grand total of $565 of total tax. I am sure they get many other tax deductions and credits that I have not included here. Before Bush, their tax would have been 15% of 22,900 or 3435 minus 1000 for child tax credit for a total of 2435. So they save 2435-565=$1870 under Bush's plan. 2% my you-know-what. They have a reduction of 1870/2435 or 76% reduction. FACT CHECK THIS!!!!

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