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Douglas County prosecutors charge man with attempted murder, attempted rape of wife; victim in serious condition

First, the J-World wouldn't release the suspect's name because he had not been charged yet and now they won't release his name because he's a "sex crime suspect". (I've already looked it up on the Sheriff's website. That's not the point.)

But, it was okay for 6 News to zoom in on the victim's face as she was being rushed from the house to a waiting ambulance in "critical condition". It was broadcast on 6 News and their website less than three hours after the incident and I'm sure way before her whole family could be notified.

6 News, go ahead and video the scene if you want, but have some heart and don't zoom in on the victim. What if that was your daughter, sister or aunt? Show some respect!

In this case, the suspect is being shown more respect and privacy than the victim. Shame on you!

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Talks drag on

Maybe this would be a good time for non-union city employees to organize. Stop sitting around crying that you're not getting a raise and do something about it. I'm sure the Teamsters would love to come in and organize all the non-union city employees.

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Residents afraid ‘safe rooms’ in homes not as secure as claimed

It was built to code and City of Lawrence Inspectors approved the construction.

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Behind the Lens: In the heat of the moment

Too bad that wasn't "The Fire Chief". It looks like Division Chief Coffey to me. A big difference!

Chief Bradford wouldn't have cared that much about them. Recently, several fire fighters were injuried in a fire and then an accident. He never went to the hospital or called to see if they were even okay.

How sad for someone like that to be in charge.

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Eight firefighters honored for river rescue

It's about time someone recognized these people! Their own department and the city's administration haven't done anything for them.

Thank you to the State Fire Marshall's office for doing something their own department should have done a long time ago.

Well done my friends!

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Corliss sees pluses, minuses in city’s balance sheet

Corliss needs to step out of his office and see what it's like for other city employees who are "doing more with less".

Instead of getting us the staff and materials we need to do our job, he sponsors a "Stress Relief BBQ" for city employees. (Most couldn't even go because we were actually working.)

Positions have not been filled, benefits are going to be cut, and don't even think about a raise that would come close to covering our increase in health insurance premiums.

Maybe he could start to "do more with less" by only having one assistant city manager OR rein in his department directors who think it's okay to pay $200 per staff car to have them professionally detailed OR paying the city's legal staff to go after hard working city employees for no good reason except to retaliate against them and harass them.

Maybe Corliss and his department managers could lead by example and do more with less TOO!

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Fire chief looking for deeper community involvement

I think the Lawrence community, and also the men and women of the Lawrence Fire Department, deserve a full-time fire chief. Bradford should concentrate on the job he has now and run for office later.

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Apartment fire forces 20 from homes

bambam, were you there? I was. Your 100 % wrong.

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Apartment fire forces 20 from homes

The fire department should have checked on their firefighters before saying none were injuried. Several were hurt. Nothing serious thank God.

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What it takes to be a firefighter

Get your facts right Pity2bu. "The city and county fire and medical department budget paid for this event, not the union chapter." Fact is the "union chapter" paid for the whole thing. I agree with Colt45, I think it is a Pity2bu2.

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