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New 300-employee call center to open soon

Maybe $8.50/hour isn't the best but just like 300 < 0, $8.50 < 0. That's undisputable math. And while people do have their own individual standards and standards of living, sometimes those need to be adjusted. My (grown) kids may have had one standard of living when they were on my dime but when they left the nest they had to adjust their standards - just because Mom & Dad have money and can afford things doesn't mean Children do. And while it sucks, if people can't pay their bills/meet their standard with one job at $8.50, maybe they have to work two. It's not like I haven't been there, done that. Why are people more ashamed of (or opposed to) working for $8.50 at a call center - or McDonald's,etc. - than they are of taking public assistance? I say YAY for 300 $8.50/hour jobs.

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body found March 14th 800 block of Monterrey Way

For what it's worth, I live near 13th & Monterey and Wednesday evening we heard sirens coming down Monterey then they suddenly stopped. My husband looked out when he heard them and it was a police car that turned down Tiffany Dr. (borders Dad Perry Park) and turned their siren/lights off. Possibly related? Makes me curious now.

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I-70 lanes reopened in Topeka after fatal accident

Isn't this really close to the same place the fatality accident was yesterday?

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Lawrence pilot witnesses fatal crash at Reno air race

Crazy_Larry, you have a point. With all due respect to the families who lost loved ones, knowing exactly why it crashed isn't going to bring anyone back. And it's not like a commercial plane crashed and we need to know what the airline is or isn't doing to keep their fleet safe for paying passengers.

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Motorcycle accident victim transported to hospital by Life Star

What happened to freedom in the U.S.? Yeah, that's a big, grandiose statement but, come on. Granted, in most cases seatbelts and helmets save lives. But I believe it should be my choice whether or not to wear them. I also believe that it should be the parents' choice whether or not to make their children wear helmets when riding bikes. I will be the one to suffer the consequences for my choices. I know, now someone's going to start in on how it affects everyone due to insurance costs, etc., etc. But at what point do we say "NO MORE" to the government imposing itself in our daily lives/rights/freedoms?

Having said all this, I wish the rider a speedy recovery and hope that he slows down - if, in fact, speed was a factor in his accident.

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Lawrence man fails breath test at sentencing for third DUI

Dude's being sentenced for his THIRD DUI, a why is it necessary for the judge to delay his sentencing two weeks because the idiot showed up intoxicated for his *THIRD* DUI sentencing? Sentence him already!! Why waste the court's time and the taxpayers money to wait for him to sober up?!! Stick his arse in jail, let him have the hangover in jail, sober up in jail and suffer his DT's behind bars. Idiots. Yeah, that was plural.

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Case of Tonganoxie man injured during dental procedure in Lawrence going to mediator

I'm not saying that any one party is more or less guilty than another but I don't understand how one can say Dr. Vincent has no fault. I would certainly hope that any medical professional I see who administers gasses that can be potentially lethal would personally check them each time a new tank is installed to verify that what is coming out of said tank is, in fact, what they believe it to be.

I feel horrible for Austin but I also feel for all the defendants as well because I'm sure none of them intended for such a tragedy to occur. There are no "winners" in this litigation and mediation but I hope Austin receives sufficient awards to take care of all his needs for what I pray will be a long, comfortable life. At the same time, I hope all the defendants are able to move forward with success after all is settled.

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KU considers options for recovering losses in ticket scandal

Perkins I can maybe understand, but why Mangino? Or, did you just not like him?

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Pair arrested after call to Walmart

How is it that his bond is $10,000 LESS than hers when, in addition to yesterday's charges, he had a warrant for absconding from parole? Seems bass-ackwards to me.

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Three college students from Missouri charged in Saturday apartment burglary in Lawrence

Students at Southwest Baptist University.....good Christian boys, I see. I'm thinking they missed a Sunday school lesson or two.

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