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Pedestrians hit in Target lot identified

Sorry to be a spelling Nazi, but wouldn't that be "aisle", not "isle"?

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Sound Off: Genesis Health Club

Maybe the exterior work is regular maintenance that is needed? If they (LAC) hadn't been maintaining the equipment (which is a fitness facility's bread and butter) I can't imagine they were maintaining the exterior. Just a thought.

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Family's homemade cookies thank those who spend holiday on the job

Dr. Marks was the first veterinarian I used in Lawrence (1991) and we continue to use Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital. This story makes me happy as it's been my experience that he and his entire staff are all very kind and caring and this exemplifies that. Thank you, Mark and Shanon!!

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One person injured in one car accident, driver flees scene

My dad used to say that all the time when I was a teenager and I didn't understand. Now that I'm WAY beyond teen years I completely understand and say it to my own kids.

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Town Talk: Godfather's Pizza closes in West Lawrence; Eileen's Colossal Cookies reopens; city moving to take next step on curbside recycling but service can't begin until 2014

What I don't get about Eileen's is that they are barely open late enough for people who work to get there during the week. I like a treat after dinner but I would have to plan ahead to make Eileen's an option - and that's not gonna happen. That's why I loved Blue Chip when they were open - yummy post-dinner cookie treats!

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Woman flown to KU Hospital after being struck by vehicle

I'm sure no one died and left Tomatogrower in charge and I *know* no one died and left ME in charge. But I admit that I, too, have been known to yell out my window if someone jaywalks in front of me and has the nerve to give me stank eye because I'm not inclined to slow down for idiots who don't cross at crosswalks or walk against lights. Some people just need to be advised. And sometimes I'm willing to be that adviser. :) And I vote for jaywalking tickets, too!! Maybe Tomatogrower or I could get that job?

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U.S. Bank alarm malfunctions

That's what I said at 1:30 when I heard it.....after hearing it at 9:30! CUT THE WIRES!!

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Linwood man dies in car-motorcycle accident

When my mother was in her mid-70's she had an accident in which she pulled out in front of another vehicle and was t-boned. Fortunately no one was injured and my mom's car was totaled. I convinced her that she should take that as a warning and that she didn't replace her car. I know it was hard for her to lose her independence but better that than to lose her life or cause someone else to lose theirs.
And so as not to pick on seniors, it is very true that with students back we need to be extra vigilant and aware as many of them are new to town, talking/texting while driving and don't know where they're going.
Prayers to all parties involved and everyone count your blessings that you and yours stay safe.

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Town Talk: Plans filed for major sand pit plant between Lawrence and Eudora; wild burros and horses coming to city; an update on Wyandotte County fieldhouse talk

Am I losing it or is the qualification of 400 square feet (20' x 20') of properly equipped corral space awfully small for an animal that has been roaming free?

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New 300-employee call center to open soon

Maybe $8.50/hour isn't the best but just like 300 < 0, $8.50 < 0. That's undisputable math. And while people do have their own individual standards and standards of living, sometimes those need to be adjusted. My (grown) kids may have had one standard of living when they were on my dime but when they left the nest they had to adjust their standards - just because Mom & Dad have money and can afford things doesn't mean Children do. And while it sucks, if people can't pay their bills/meet their standard with one job at $8.50, maybe they have to work two. It's not like I haven't been there, done that. Why are people more ashamed of (or opposed to) working for $8.50 at a call center - or McDonald's,etc. - than they are of taking public assistance? I say YAY for 300 $8.50/hour jobs.

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