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Opinion: Case more notable as tragedy than crime

If Zimmerman had not fired or didn't have a gun what would have happened?
1. TM would have stopped slamming GZ's head onto the concrete and ran off.
2. GZ could have been at least rendered unconscious and TM would have left the scene the victor. He may not ever have been identified or charged.
3. TM could have caused severe trauma to GZ's brain and left him a basket case for life, unable to identify his attacker.
4. GZ could have died at the scene.
5. GZ Might have been able to roll TM off of him and flee the scene.
You pick one.
And in the end, TM Was Armed, (with a Concrete Sidewalk). Lots of people have died from what is commonly called Blunt Force Trauma.

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More than a decade after a citywide ban, fireworks still making noise in Lawrence

Remember the junked TV sets and the Umbrellas stuck up in the trees at a house in east Lawrence? The owner claimed it was Art and in the end, the city couldn't enforce a trash ordinance or whatever law there was against it. Umbrellas went up into the trees all over town in support of the home owner and city hall backed down. So maybe the setting off fireworks is just an Art Form and we all know Art rules in Lawrence.

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League of Women Voters seeks to get names of judicial applicants from Brownback

The League of Women Voters is about as non-partisan as the ACLU.

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New report: Kansas highway system No. 2 in nation

Our roads all over the US could be better if the contractors would do the work right in the first place. When i was in northern Germany, the first thing I noticed was how good the roads and highways were. You seldom ever see a pothole. This is in an area that is about 53 degrees north compared to about 38 degrees north here locally. I think the road builders do just enough to get by, knowing they will get another contract to fix or replace their work in a few years at public expense.

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Doctor shortage a looming health issue

Programs to lure Doctors to rural parts of the state have been tried before and even financed by local organizations, not the state or federal government. As far as I know, none of the programs worked. The Doctors left for areas more flush with money after a year or two. Breaking a contract wasn't a problem for them if they had one. After all, they could easily make up the difference in California , Eastern Kansas, Pacific Northwest, you name it. If there's no big bucks to be made, they won't locate there.

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Transit officials steer Missoula visitors in the right direction

So Missoula wants their own EMPTY? They could learn a lot from us.

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Ottawa El Mezcal restaurant closed by Immigration and Customs officials

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KU faculty, staff push for improved tuition benefits for themselves and their families

The last I heard, the average KU faculty salary was about $110,000 per year. And that was several years ago. Does the 70K figure include the TAs to bring the average down? As far as the staff employees are concerned, they may be KU classified employees, but they are on the same retirement system as other state employees who get no tuition assistance. Bottom line, KU Faculty members are the highest paid public employees in the state and can well afford to educate their children. I'd like to see some actual proof of what KU Faculty and staff make. By law that information is open to the public.

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City agrees to create resident-only parking zone on street near KU campus

Have you seen the price of on-campus parking lately? Depending on the time of day, a KU parking permit is a "hunting License" for a parking spot. Aside from that, why should KU Classified employees have to pay to park where they work? As far as I know, KU is the only employer in Douglas county that charges it's employees to park where they work and even then you are normally parked the equivalent of 3-4 blocks away from your workplace.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

Are student athletes living in poverty? Hardly. They get free meals, lodging, medical care, tuition, books, tutoring and anything else they can get off the record. All they need is a little spending money. It's all tax free and when they leave school, they are not 30 to 50K in debt. So when so many things or services are free, why wouldn't he assume the trips were free?

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