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Editorial: Stadium success

I'm not in position to go measure the dimensions of the field, track and angel of the seating, but it would seem to me that an enormous amount of dirt would have to be removed to "lower" the field in order to put seating where the track is now. The field would probably be below the existing storm drainage system, requiring constant pumping and a system to prevent backflow.
The whole project would end up costing a lot more than expected.

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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

I don't think it would have made any difference if Kansas accepted the grant for the setup or let the Feds set it up. The website is new and problems are to be expected. As far as the ACA goes, I think the US House should just pass the budget, to include the ACA and raise the debt ceiling. After that it should sail through the Senate and on to the White House for signing. Enact the ACA as written and without any changes by the executive branch. Give the ACA a year or two to see how it flies or fails and if need be, take appropriate action. Hold those who pushed it accountable.

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Editorial: Aquifer addiction

Hepburn, there are maps available that show where the aquifer is located underground, but I'm not sure how accurate they are. And it's not always just small areas. Hays and Russell are two towns that can't get to the aquifer. They depend on the wells located next to the Smokey Hill River and are currently getting their water from Cedar Bluff Lake. Russell and Hays have been close to getting into a water war over the situation. There are plans in the works for Hays to pump water from a ranch in Edwards county all the way to Hays in the future but the cost is enormous. I would say that they need to go back to dry land farming now, no matter what the loss of yields may be.
If the droughts continue, Lawrence will be affected. Get a map and note where all the water in the Kansas river comes from. Except for some out of Nebraska, it all comes from rivers in western Kansas.

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Former KU wide receiver Omigie arrested in robbery case that ensnared Chris Martin

A little offf the subject, but did you ever notice that in Federal Court, the fines handed down are so much higher than what a State Court would hand out. 100 to 300K fines are not uncommon. and it's not just for drug dealers. Do the Federal Judges actually think most people have that kind of money available. If they can't pay the fines, do they have their earnings garnished after they get out?

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Community tries to recruit more primary care providers

The one sentence says it all. "If you become an anesihesiologist you can make 7 million more in your career than a primary care doctor." And there is no mention of what the total career earnings are, as an average or by what speciality. We always hear about the earnings gap between CEOs and the average worker. This is a good indication of where the high cost of health care comes from. Average or even well paid people have no chance of ever making money like that.

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Opinion: Tax reform will be daunting task

If you take away the mortgage interest deduction, the housing business would collapse. But at the same time, builders should be concentrating on renovating older houses instead of using valuable resources for new houses.

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KU showing off sustainability program with parking lot

The KU parking and Transit office is downhill from the new lot. I wonder if the water would go down hill into the KU parking and transit offices during a heavy rain? Also, the freeze and thaw cycle will ruin the new lot in a few years.

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

Davis says Lawrence is no different than other communities. You're kidding , right?

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Opinion: Ho Chi Minh not a Jeffersonian

How could it have been any different if we supported Ho right after WWII? The only thing different is that Viet Nam would have become a communist dictatorship much quicker. In WWII we formed alliances with almost anyone who would help us defeat the Nazis and militant Japanese. It sure wasn't because we admired their goals for post-war government. I am sure the US knew Ho was a dedicated communist even when we enlisted his help in WWII. In my history classes, I was told that most of the French Resistance was composed of Communists who expected a large role in the government after the war, and I'm not sorry they got screwed. If Ho's "Liberated" Viet Nam is so wonderful, then why did so many people get out after the fall and are still trying to get out of the country?

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Opinion: Cuba marks 60 years of lost ground

How do you engage in free trade with a country that has very little money? Free Trade with Cuba would amount to Free Aid. We would have to lower the price on products so they could buy. Senator Roberts wanted to end the trade embargo for wheat so it would benefit Kansas farmers. What that would involve would be the US government buying at market prices and then discounting it to Cuba. The best "product" Cuba has is tourism and they don't make use of it that much. By the way, other countries are free to trade with Cuba and there has never been a rush to do so.

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