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KU in the spotlight at day two of Big 12 Media Days

Hey, I say the same about Missouri. I don't want to be called defending Cotton Bowl champions. I don't want to be called 2008 Cotton Bowl champions. We won the Cotton Bowl last year, leave it at that.If it's not a national title or a conference-based title, we're not defending. Acceptable uses include Missouri is the defending Big 12 North football champion, Oklahoma is the defending Big 12 football champion or Kansas is the defending national champion in men's basketball.No school is the defending champion of a bowl game. Never has been, never will be.

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KU men's basketball Big 12 schedule announced

Nice to see the MU-KU game moved off MLK weekend, the last game belongs in March and the first should be near the middle of the conference season.

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KU in the spotlight at day two of Big 12 Media Days

You're right, sunflower, it is ridiculous. Defending would mean that they will be trying to do it again, that was an ultimate goal that many teams were chasing. It isn't. It was a two-team battle between Kansas and Virginia Tech. If you have to all them champions, call them 2008 Orange Bowl champions, or even better, 2008 Orange Bowl winners. In terms of bowls last year, champions is reserved for LSU.

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Kansas takes the stage at Big 12 Media day

Not going to lie, calling them "defending" Orange Bowl champions is a bit ridiculous. I could be wrong, but I think Kansas as well as every other school that had a strong year last season has the goal of winning the national title, not the Orange Bowl.Call them the 2008 Orange Bowl champions if you must call them champions. Even more accurate would be to call them winners of the Orange Bowl. There was only one champion after conference season, and that was LSU, they won the prize everyone was going for.

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Tigers up for encore

And hawkstate, the LJW is not a tool of the University of Kansas. Its responsibility is not to serve as one, its responsibility is to write the story that affects its coverage market the most. For sports, that is usually Kansas. But when the Jayhawks are not involved, the LJW must choose what the story is that matters most.As much as you hate them, would you not agree you care more about what happens to Missouri, your arch-rival and biggest challenge in the North Division, than what happens to A&M, who you don't even play, or Tech, who you play but are not in direct competition with otherwise until and unless you win the North AND they win the South?

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Tigers up for encore

Rarely is it on the front page, but the Columbia papers run stories local to the Big 12 on every opportunity, and that includes Kansas. That's part of good journalism, most newspapers recognize that fans of a team in their market will want information about their conference opponents.Missouri's a bit more high-profile right now than Nebraska or Texas A&M, and while Tech is somewhat comparable, the Tigers are in Kansas' division, so it makes more sense for the story to focus on the Tigers.

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KU secures 2008 NCAA crown, 75-68 in overtime over Memphis

Congratulations, KU fans. Even though I'm an MU fan, I have to give credit where it is deserved. Kansas played great throughout the tournament and earned its title. Enjoy the crown and we'll see you next year.

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Keegan: Arrowhead aside, MU simply better

Last night was one of the best football games I've ever seen live. Both teams fought hard the entire game and treated the fans to outstanding football. As a result, I'm not sure why our fans are coming on here and saying the Jayhawks got exposed last night. They didn't. Kansas proved it belonged by fighting hard the whole game and having a chance to win the game on its final possession, albeit a slim one. For that, KU earned my respect.

So congratulations, Jayhawk fans, you have an excellent team and a lot to be proud of this season. I wish you good luck in your bowl game and sincerely hope you represent our division and conference in January as well as you have all season.

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