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On his way out the door, Brownback still pursuing major projects

Let me correct myself, I looked at their last public presentation, the operation costs currently are about $40 million the cost to lease and operate would be less than that with the lease portion about $12 million Total projected cost to operate the current prison for 20 years is $950 million and projected cost for the lease and operation of a new prison is $927 million. And before anyone says something about a private prison. It is clear from the info that DOC has made public that the state will run the prison and own it outright in 20 years

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On his way out the door, Brownback still pursuing major projects

A responsible reporter would do more than quote one side of a story. I used to work at the prison at Lansing and have followed the new prison project since it was first proposed during the last legislative session. While it is true that the 150 year old part won't be torn down it will be mothballed when the new facility opens. You have to have a place to house the inmates during construction and the part built in the 1980's is a very poor design that is not efficient, the officers aren't even in the same building as the inmates. I don't see anything in their proposal that is asking for $300 million, what I see is that it takes about $14 million a year to operate the prison now and they will use that money to pay the lease payment and operate the new prison. So a savings of something like $23 million to operate and lease a new place than it costs to operate the current facility over 20 years. After the 20 year lease the state would own it and save even more annually with no lease payment and a safer more efficient prison. The efficiencies are vital but even more important is the safety of staff who work there. Does anyone care about the people that work there?

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LHS tournament shows forensics programs still strong in Kansas

Thank you for this nice article. Lawrence High put on a great tournament and the kids from Free State and Bishop Seabury worked hard performing in the various events. Another KSHSAA event that gets little to no coverage is the Piano Festival. Yesterday was the KSHSAA state piano Festival and 6 kids from Lawrence qualified for state by receiving 1 ratings 2 weeks ago at the regionals. 2 are from Lawrence High- Tristan Alfie & Brian Chang, 3 from Free State-Alita Joseph, Karen McCain,& Michaela Schenkel,& 1 from Seabury-Christopher Rice.

Thank you again for providing coverage of the Lawrence High Forensic Tournament.

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Lawrence debaters headed for state tournament

Agree with likeitis, enjoyed the article and reading about something from a couple of the high schools that was positive and not just sports. As for the article, probably would have said two of the high schools instead of "both high schools in Lawrence" as the Seabury debate team is also competing at the state tournament this Friday and Saturday. Not to take anything away from the kids in this article as they deserve recognition!

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