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'I'm still here': Tyshawn Taylor’s story marked by adversity

Being a Kansas Basketball fan is about sticking with these kids through the good and the bad. After Tyshawn's first three years here, who would've expected him to end his career like he has. I'll tell you who. The guys in the locker room, that's who. It has been very enjoyable watching these kids grow up-all of them, Jeff, Conner, Travis, Tyshawn, Thomas, Elijah, etc.

Muttrun, you're not much of a fan if you think Tyshawn singlehandedly lost the Missouri game. That's not the way team sports work. Any single play during the course of a game affects the outcome-not just the plays at the end. TT is more of a leader than you could ever be. He is willing to put the responsibility on his own shoulders and face the music-good or bad. I guess you're one of those people who looks at the basket half empty. Perhaps you should choose another team to "support." I would say Missouri might be a good fit for you.

Number 4 in the country, possible number one seed in NCAA tourney, 8th straight Big 12 Championship. Not many expected this at the beginning of the season and are enjoying the ride. And we wouldn't be on the ride without Tyshawn. You would do well to grow up half as much as he has in his four years here. Then, maybe, you could call yourself a real fan. RCJH!

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City of Lawrence unveils four new locations for recycling glass

Go figure. Everybody knows people on the west side of town are so much more environmentally conscious, etc. etc. etc.

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Border Warriors prove mettle

It is a beautiful morning in Lawrence, Kansas!

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

And for the losers we have some lovely parting gifts. No Big 12 Championship in their last year in the league. No win in the last regular season game of the Border War. And a free bus ride back to Columbia. SE-sayonara!

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Tiger coach laments War’s end

Anyone not from here would never be able to understand the "hatred" that exists. It goes way back and we hate to lose to them in anything. It's almost like playing the Russians in the Olympics, only bigger. Personally, I don't hate the people (I have friends in Missouri) I hate the state and it's legacy. "Good basketball game?" That was a great basketball game, my friend. And nobody died, as in past conflicts.

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The last border battle: Kansas and Missouri to play their final regular season basketball game Saturday

Hey, how about televising this game at the football stadium. Or getting a big screen in front of the Phog. That would be sweet!

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Town Talk: Plans filed to add new retailers next to Walmart on South Iowa; homeless shelter seeks $200,000 of annual funding from city, county; former Lawrence radio host lands gig in San Diego

I haven't been able to listen to KLWN, so I have no opinion on Kim Murphree. But I do like cheeseburgers.

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Journal-World's Tait honored in APSE contest

Matt Tait, congratulations on a job well done!
Bye Matt! Utt!

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Town Talk: Plans filed to add new retailers next to Walmart on South Iowa; homeless shelter seeks $200,000 of annual funding from city, county; former Lawrence radio host lands gig in San Diego

I'm sure Mr. Merrill had some socially redeeming qualities, but his conservative venom coming over the airwaves was not among them. Tough to listen to, especially his endless rants about "the mustache bandit." In Lawrence, Kansas, he was a red pimple on the blue butt of society. Perhaps now, I can listen to the local radio station again.

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In one or two words, how would you describe your feelings about the federal government and debt crisis?


Perhaps it is time to let us do the voting on how to spend our money. These clowns can't be trusted with other people's money. They no longer represent us or what is good for the country. Put a yea and a nay button on everyone's TV, laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, toilet, etc and we'll vote on spending. That will certainly reduce the influence of lobbyists and Big Money.

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