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Town Talk: Lender seeks ownership of Lawrence Athletic Club over default of $2.4 million loan; New York real estate trust buys downtown property; more on chickens and art

Re: the chicken slaughter section, how was the proposal in violation of the city's animal cruelty law? If the slaughter is done in a humane manner, it seems like a beneficial display for the public.

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I tried to get a copy of my scooter key made here. Since they didn't have the correct key, I ordered one from another locksmith who deals with Honda scooters and brought it in. They botched the copying job and made the key too thin. Instead of offering to replace the blank key (which cost $10), they just offered $1.90 for the value of the copying job.
Not recommended.

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Data show this November to January is 16th warmest in Lawrence since 1909

right...because climate is based on one singular season or even a year of weather. no wonder denialists like you have no idea how to interpret real science. I think Fox News will do it for you though...don't worry. Shhh.

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Woman arrested after fight at Lawrence burrito stand

I agree with your advise.

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Camo ammo

Typical "misuse" of quotation marks. I hunt turkey for food and you don't see me trying to drive a stealth camo jeep around. What's the point? Do you hunt inside your jeep and wait for a deer to walk by?
Go complain about Big Government somewhere else. Great story, Andrew.

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Busy depot

Very impressive grassroots campaign to take our depot back. Great job!

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That 'do voodoo

I agree with the fauxhawk plan. A marketing plan around helmet-producing hairstyles sounds like a money maker to me.

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More to story

Also, are you the Bob Johnson that has a small business consisting of yourself only? How are you contributing in such a meaningful way?

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More to story

The owner "educated the workers and their children"? How does that even make sense? The owner in this story sounds very godlike. I just hope they have a good heart. I'm sure they will.

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Recycling pro

I agree, Kathy. Anyone who comments here and uses the author's name should have the courtesy to post their own real names. This anonymous posting leads people to say things they wouldn't say in a direct manner in the real world. It's pretty sad. -Steve Harris

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