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City balks at plan to allow motorists to use credit cards for new downtown parking garage

I find this utterly amusing. Go ahead and charge what you want to park in this new garage. It will be empty all the time anyway. I've been downtown numerous times and have never paid to park. If you use side streets and long term lots there is always somewhere to park. Do a little walking, but that beats giving the city my money.

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Lawrence anti-hunger advocates worried by proposed food stamp cuts

For all of you bashing on farmers and farm program funding, I wish you would get all the facts straight. Government cuts to subsidies, conservation, and crop insurance took place in the 2005 farm bill as well as the 2011 SRA. And will have cuts this go around too. These programs have had reduced funding for years. But due to groups like the EWG, farm bashing is easy target. Farm programs exist to allow this country to produce an economically priced and competitive food supply globally. While no government program is perfect, an has its flaws, I would hate to see what the cost of food would be in this country without it. SNAP funding and farm subsidies have NOTHING in common other than they are both housed in the farm bill. SNAP funding consists of more than 75% of the dollars allocated in the farm bill. Comparatively, defense spending and other government programs make the farm bill dwarf in comparison.

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Opinion: Lawrence unfriendly to new business? You bet!

To late. Already have empty shells of retail stores. Been watching for years of stores closing and people shopping elsewhere. People choose to shop where they want, and now they are shopping in Topeka and KC.

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Editorial: School assumption

I agree with the point to the article, not all of Lawrence is in assumption that this would be the best approach. The overall goal of providing the best opportunity for our youth to acquire the best education possible should be kept close in mind. The school board had better detail out exactly what and how they plan to improve our schools. I am curious as to what improvements were made with the last bond issue in 2005. Now is NOT the time for the board to make assumptions.

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Air-conditioned Robinson is rec answer

Once again. Someone hasn't done their research before they give their opinion. As mentioned in some blogs above, NCAA rules will prohibit the ability for many age groups to participate in tournaments due to being on KU campus and part of the university. I wish there was more fact based reporting in the media. I also wish that all politicians were honest and had our countries best interest in mind.

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City moves Auto Plaza project forward

Gee, maybe the development group wanting to build apartments and retial space near downtown should have proposed putting a windmill on top of their building.....

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First Bell: Standards-based grading holding at sixth-grade level; board president prepares to ‘move on’; teacher describes ‘E’ work

The most frustrating part about all of this is that the board is showing their hand. Mr. Bradford made it clear, if the teachers don't like it they can leave and if parents don't like it they can move. What kind of attitude is that to take as an elected official. Clearly there is a chance for the school district and parents to work together for the betterment of the kids and Mr. Bradford could care less.

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Other views

Wow, I love reading everyone's rants and raves. This is turning into a real finger pointing contest. What I think a lot of people don't realize is that no matter what the school board does in the end, it will have some affect on our kids. What we must understand, the school board needs to make the best decision for OUR kids (everyone's , East, West, North, South). If that means closing schools and shifting boundries then that will be the case. If that means finding budget cuts that can keep the schools open then that that's great. No one wants the schools to close, but there may not be any choice in the end.

The needs of many outweigh the needs of the few (Caiaphas).

Whatever happens, the school board needs to make the right decision for Lawrence.

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A vision of the city's future

Interesting all the consultants could come up with are plans for building retail space. I agree with merrill in that Lawrence needs to atract good paying jobs. People in West Lawrence commute to Topeka, while those on the East go to KC.

What will it take to atract industry and jobs?

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World meets Western Kansas

Good article, I grew up in Comanche County, and attended Coldwater High. The program was started back in the 80's, and has grown considerably. All the students I remember being involved had positive experiences. It is great to see the program continueing.

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