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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

Not really the point. Just a curious coincidence, and very convenient timing for the upstanding KU athletic department...the department that brought you the basketball ticket scandal.

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

Let me get this straight...the Maine license plate "fell off." Yeah, that happens all the time. So NOW the vehicle can be registered in Kansas. But before it wasn't registered in Kansas because the owner had "solid legal standing" to register it in Maine? If that is true, why not get a replacement license plate from Maine? This is a great study in double-talk from Jim Marchiony, KU's Associate Athletic Director for Sweeping Crap Under the Rug.

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Cemetery will lack flags for Memorial Day as poles turn up missing

I stand with dipweed. It's one or the other.

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C Jay back for centennial celebration of the Jayhawk

Here's an idea: how about keeping C Jay and getting rid of Jim Marchiony?

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City to decide whether to allow use of artificial grass in commercial projects

Are you kidding me?!? Where, specifically, is your evidence that this town "tries so hard to look good"?

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Library hopes new director hired before expansion starts

This story refers to the five construction managers being interviewed today, but does not indicate whether they are local companies. With millions of our local tax dollars, and a million dollars in local contributions earmarked for the project, one would expect that the city manager's office and the library understand that this project should be awarded to one of the many qualified local contractors who all pay local property taxes - particularly in this difficult economy.

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LBSU’s gamble on Thomas Robinson backfires

Monson is saying all of the right things now, but his demeanor toward the end of the game was classless - screaming at his players from the far end of the court while Jeff Withey shot the first of two free throws, then pausing between shots and starting up again as Withey shot the second. I'll say it again: Classless.

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KU athletic department IRS form shows women's basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson paid almost $2 million in 2009

Let me clarify: one must not blame Bonnie for signing the deal and taking the money. However, her coaching record is another matter.

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KU athletic department IRS form shows women's basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson paid almost $2 million in 2009

First, the truth is not a hit job. Second, one must not blame Bonnie. Third (and most importantly), that Lew really ran a tight ship up there. What a guy.

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