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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

What does this have to do with Kansas you ask? The healthcare bill in its current form is highly unconstitutional. I am a Kansas business owner. I am not paying taxes to help California or Nebraska. Period, zip, end of story!!!! Also, i am not paying any more payroll tax for the 17 or so emloyees that i provide jobs for.

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

Folks, put your politics and your spite for the Republican Party aside for a brief moment. The Founders of this great nation designed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights a certain way for a specific reason. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, get off your soap boxes and re-read the Constitution like you probably have not done in years. What is going on in Washington today, yesterday, and for decades has got to stop. If anyone gives a damn about their children, grandchildren, etc. they had better start paying attention and look at the unfunded liabilities both parties have delivered to them!

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