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Attorney for man who says he shot George Tiller won't present 'necessity' defense


you have failed like the rest. you accuse of a fallacy but are incapable of actually pointing out a fallacy. you end up defaulting to some hysterical, pro-choice rant.

you're "offer" is irrelevant to this conversation and is nothing more than a neo-marxist-like technique to move the argument in a direction you are more comfortable with, since you are clearly in over your head with the current subject matter.

now if you would like to offer counter-points of the finer details of national socialist Germany or the Dred Scott decision, to prove whatever your point is, you should begin immediately; othersie you might wish to just move along and go carry a sign on a street corner somewhere.

btw, you might want to let nightmare and porch speak for themselves regarding "perfect legality," as well as just and unjust law (although, unlike you, they had the good sense to quit, understanding they are clearly on the wrong side of logic on this one); you are not serving either of them very well at present.

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Attorney for man who says he shot George Tiller won't present 'necessity' defense

man, comrade,

nightmare and porch dude just received a first class ---- whoopin.' problem is they don't realize they just brought only their fists to gunfight.

they'd serve themselves well to go back and read Dred Scott to get a handle on what used to be "perfectly legal" in America. of course, havin' read their blind swinging, factually deficient posts, it'd probably just be a lesson wasted on the ideological punch drunk.

to recap, what was "perfectly legal" in 1857, as handed to us by justice taney, was:

"[african americans] had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic, whenever profit could be made by it."

or this jewel:

". . . . . . We think they [people of African ancestry] are . . . not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word "citizens" in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States. . . ." -- Chief Justice Roger B. Taney,
speaking for the majority

nevermind that whole three-fifths a person thing.

perfectly legal nightmare. your bluster about legality is bull $#!+ unless you support the law of the land of 1857. Dred Scott also goes a long way in demonstrating that unjust law can be overturned, even if forced through the instrument of war.

wake up wingnuts, go stand over in the corner with the other dunces.

i suppose, according to the scotch-saturated collective of doofi above, the abolitionists were just plain kooks for being outraged at the "perfectly legal" decision of Dred Scott. both of you are about as fluent in your historical lessons as tit-mice.

thank God the abolitionists were people who would champion the morally right against the "legally" wrong.

how does it go? (roll eyes and laughter).

good posts comrade.

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51-year-old man arrested in murder of George Tiller outside his church

you know, i am personally opposed to shooting abortionists, BUT i really wouldn't want to impose my belief system on others.

btw, did you see that other 500 post thread of unbridled outrage over the muslim convert who shot those 2 Army recruiters, killing one, in Arkansas last monday? neither.

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Maverick ways

Ragingbear (Anonymous) says: "McCain and Palin both need to be in prison. One for betraying our country, the other for betraying her state."obviously senator McCain's 5 1/2 years in the Hanoi hilton wasn't enough to satisfy your righteous thirst for justice.

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Alaska governor billed state for nights spent at home

OzChicklet (Anonymous) says: "Navin, you are naive."oh, i'm sure i am. and i'm quite sure you are the smartest person in the world. thanks for not challenging me beyond DNC 'we're brilliant therefore we vote Barack' talking points, i'm a bit tired today."I choose the lesser of two evils, because I am intelligent..."and if we don't think so, we'll just ask you."...and am insightful enough not make my decisions based solely upon adherence to a party."glad to hear you are so 'insightful.' i'm sure your decision has nothing to do with the anti-bourgeoisie, marxist, 'government is the answer' philosophy of the democratic platform and it's poster child of change.the problem OzChicklet when you identify yourself as part of the 'Barack voters are smarter than you' group, is that you must actually show some evidence of intelligence. Better luck next time!

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Alaska governor billed state for nights spent at home

agnostic, stop it! my ribs hurt! since facts and a real worldview evade you, i was hoping for a sharper wit, and, of course, evidence of a need to sharpen up those polemics a bit.

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Alaska governor billed state for nights spent at home

OzChicklet (Anonymous) says: "I know I am "concerned" about the potential election of an individual that is grossly incompetent, regardless of political affiliation or gender. I would not vote for any person on any ticket that endangers my freedom in any respect..."and barack's your "choice?" well if your desire for personal priviledge trumps your intellect and individual liberties, then i suppose your embracement of a marxist is understandable.

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Alaska governor billed state for nights spent at home

agnostic, yeah you're a centrist......and lipstick improves a pig's looks.bozo:"...she's nothing more than a typical self-serving politician trying to con voters by claiming to be a "reformer"..."reminds me of someone i know. problem is he's actually running for the number one position. "- but that makes her quite qualified to the Republican candidate for VP under McCain."yeah 'community service' is the real qualifier, huh?

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Hypocrisy on Palin daughter

beatrice (Anonymous) says: "Love it! Cal writing a story about little "Juno" Palin in order to chastise those writing stories about little "Juno" Palin. What a laugh."impressive and intellectual political commentary as usual bea. when you get to the bottom of the Kool-Aid pitcher just break the glass to save yourself.

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Hypocrisy on Palin daughter

TheSychophant (Anonymous) says: "Touche, Scotty!!!"yeah, if you're a hypocrite, then sure! then you'd only need to replace "T" with "D" and clean your brain out!have a nice day!

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